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Kentucky congressman caught in Scottie Scandal

Following this report in The Hill yesterday (scroll down to the second article), Kentucky Congressman Ed Whitfield (R-Ky) is in hot water with bloggers who think he’s wasting taxpayer money by having aides walk his Scottish Terrier, Bosley, and his Jack Russell dog, Nigel.

In the comments over at Bluegrass report, even Bosley the Scottie gets in trouble.

“Bosley? Nigel? My….what a bunch of latte-lapping lapdogs. I’d bet they’d like to take a trip to Bloomingdales to eat truffles!

Congressman, this is Kentucky, and unless you have a blue-tick at home named Cooter or something like that, you should be impeached…lol.”

Update: A few of our loyal Scottish Terrier News readers have requested we post a link to the Bluetick Coonhound. Happy to oblige.

May 31 Update: The Scottish Terrier and Dog News team prepare to bring you the fallout from the Congressional Scottie scandal. Apologies to readers who were sad to see the Daily Scottie Video pre-empted by TerrierGate.

Scottish Terrier names

I knew Sadie was back in style as a people name, but it looks like it’s making tracks as a Scottie name as well. It’s number four on the Most Popular Girl Dog Names list after Maggie, Molly and Lady but before Lucy.

The top five male dog names are Max, Jake, Buddy, Bailey, Sam.

Medicine for fat dogs

Obese dogs in Finland can now take Yarvitan, a new medicine, to help them drop a few pounds:

Yarvitan’s active ingredient, mitratapide, works by inhibiting certain proteins in the intestines (microsomal triglyceride transfer protein, MTP). MTP inhibitors prevent the absorption of fat. This protein is involved in absorbing the fat consumed as part of a normal diet. By inhibiting this protein, mitratapide reduces the amount of fat absorbed through the intestines. Thanks to its mechanism of action, the appetite
reducing effect of mitratapide is minimal.

There’s no mention of any digestive side effects — yet!

Daily video: Scottie dog’s teeth cleaning

This YouTube title seemed too good to be true: “Scottish Terrier teeth cleaned without Anastasia.”

It must be satire, I thought. Surely no one would post video of a dog getting its teeth cleaned.

And who was Anastasia? Not the really famous one? Maybe a very special veterinary dental hygenist? Or the dog’s keeper?

But, no, it really is what it says and nothing more — a scottie getting its teeth cleaned without anesthesia, precisely the type of thing that gives the internet and YouTube a bad name.

Enjoy the show. And if you like it, try this video, which shows the patient watching a fellow Scotttie getting his teeth cleaned.

By the way, tomorrow I’m going to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned and we won’t be filming.


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