Cats vs. Dogs

Susan Getgood, Scottish Terrier and marketing blogger, says cats rule on the Internet:

Yes, it is all about CATS

At New Comm Forum in March, one of the points on keynoter David Weinberger’s slides was that the Internet was not all about Cats.

Well, maybe. But it does seem like there are an awful lot of cats online. Some recent data points:

* when you sign up for StumbleUpon, you are offered an interest category for Cats, but not Dogs;

Hmmm, but if you google cats, you get 27 million pages compared to 37 million for dogs.

Still, in cats’ favour, they can claim as feline territory one of the best sites on the web, Stuff On My Cat. I’m partial to the bird-on-cat shots myself and also pleased to see that, the Stuff folks have just opened a news site, Stuff On My Mutt. They must have spotted a marketing opportunity in dogs.

One thought on “Cats vs. Dogs

  1. It doesn’t work for dogs. Dogs let you put stuff on them. Cats don’t. That was the whole point of Stuff on My Cat. It was counter to everything cats stand for.

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