Daily video: Scottie dog’s teeth cleaning

This YouTube title seemed too good to be true: “Scottish Terrier teeth cleaned without Anastasia.”

It must be satire, I thought. Surely no one would post video of a dog getting its teeth cleaned.

And who was Anastasia? Not the really famous one? Maybe a very special veterinary dental hygenist? Or the dog’s keeper?

But, no, it really is what it says and nothing more — a scottie getting its teeth cleaned without anesthesia, precisely the type of thing that gives the internet and YouTube a bad name.

Enjoy the show. And if you like it, try this video, which shows the patient watching a fellow Scotttie getting his teeth cleaned.

By the way, tomorrow I’m going to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned and we won’t be filming.


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5 thoughts on “Daily video: Scottie dog’s teeth cleaning

  1. Patient little dog! When you think of a dogs life span, and they don’t eat sugars, their teeth shouldn’t be all that bad, my friends dog was only 2 years old and they couldn’t get her breathing on her own after going under anesthesia, so sad.

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