Designer dogs: Another Scottie mix

Today’s designer dog is a Scottish Terrier crossed with a Chihuahua. Not my taste but take a look and decide for yourself. Be sure to scroll down because there are lots of photos and the top one is the most flattering.

We also need a name for a Scottie Chihuahua cross. How about Chihottie — pronounced Chi-hottie? Sounds a bit like Chipotle.

If you’ve got a name suggestion for this designer dog, please comment away.

Our last Scottie mix was the Scoland terrier, a Scottie Westie cross.

12 thoughts on “Designer dogs: Another Scottie mix

  1. I’ve just figured out this may be what my dog is (and therefore I think Pepper is adorable no matter what anyone says). I prefer Scottihuahua. 🙂

  2. Hi Folks! I’m Pepper’s Mommy! She has a blog, you can see it at:

    I think it’s great that she’s mentioned here! She is indeed funny-looking but what a great dog she is. I’m so lucky to have stumbled upon her in swirl of puppies rescued from the Los Angeles pound system. Sure, she’s nuts, but I am too so we mesh well.

    To answer some questions, her mom was the Scottie and her dad was a golden colored smooth-coated Chihuahua. Hmmm. They were all dumped together at the L.A. shelter, per Pepper’s rescuer.

    People have found Pepper’s blog and contacted me about their Scottie mixes, what interesting stories. No intentional breeders yet, all have been rescued dogs. Anyway, some great names for this particular mix is “ScotChi” and also “Taco Terrier”.

    I know, it’s awful and terrible, but I’m just wild about my smart, funny dog and I worship the ground she tinkles on. In the future I hope to adopt a rescue Scottie brother for her since I can see now what great dogs Scots are. Have loved them all my life. No breeding, don’t worry, people.

    Enjoy your Scotties and mixes!! — Bonnie

  3. Yes, I am Pep’s only Mommy. She has a Daddy too. We are just boring heteros. Not like Kika with her two hot Daddies. And what a singing voice Kika has! Pepper loves watching that video by the way. – Cheers!

  4. I just lost my beloved Scottie-Chihuahua mixed puppy this week when she ran out a barely open door into the street and was killed. I am devastated. She was a 7 lb. dollbaby, eager to please and so affectionate. I miss her so and have been searching frantically for another little scraggly “Scottihuahua” (I like that) but to no avail. GREAT dog! Check her out as a pup on you tube by doing a search for “Sashi-girl.”

  5. Oh, wow, how sad about Shashi… her video on YouTube is absolutely adorable, as was she. I cannot claim to know the depth of your loss. She’s an irreplaceable little “person” and I know that your search will be a real challenge. I still have yet to find anything like Pepper, I’m hoping we can find her a little brother soon. When I watch the video, I see so much love and care that you gave her. What an unforgettable little dog… Best of luck with everything. Pepper sends you her very best. — Bonnie

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