Medicine for fat dogs

Obese dogs in Finland can now take Yarvitan, a new medicine, to help them drop a few pounds:

Yarvitan’s active ingredient, mitratapide, works by inhibiting certain proteins in the intestines (microsomal triglyceride transfer protein, MTP). MTP inhibitors prevent the absorption of fat. This protein is involved in absorbing the fat consumed as part of a normal diet. By inhibiting this protein, mitratapide reduces the amount of fat absorbed through the intestines. Thanks to its mechanism of action, the appetite
reducing effect of mitratapide is minimal.

There’s no mention of any digestive side effects — yet!

One thought on “Medicine for fat dogs

  1. I’ve got one chubby scotty–it’s a side effect of prednisone which we know b/c he was a larger-framed scotty who was normal weight before adding in prednisone PRN for seasonal allergies. He’s now still on that, and Atopica now, which has greatly decreased the amount or prednisone needed. Anyway, our vet instructed me to go to the grocery; purchase the most generic cubed up veggies; run them under hot water for a minute to thaw/warm; and then substitute this into his food so kibble is reduced. If he didn’t want to eat it, she suggested nonfat, diet yogurt, as well as chicken broth splashed on it. He LOVES it. And, the others want his food–I now separate them for feedings b/c the thinner will eat his food first. It’s been really helpful. Additionally, it’s saved money. Since the melamine crisis, we’ve been totally organic/ local kibble in the US or Australia, and no wet food (not good for dental, in my experience). I’m spending less on dog food and I give all of them some veggies as a treat. They love carrot slices and it’s good to remove tartar–I’ve noted needing cleanings less often since increasing carrots. So, not sure about rx for weight, but food control has been good for us. Always talk to a vet you trust, and good luck!

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