Please give us your Scottie dog links

This is only our fifth day of operation here at Scottish Terrier and Dog News. Along with bringing you news, video and photos every day, we are also getting our links lists set up so if have a relevant Scottie or dog site, please let us know and we will link to you.

4 thoughts on “Please give us your Scottie dog links

  1. My blog isn’t JUST about my wheaton Scottie, Duncan…but a fair amount is, with the category of “Canine Stuff.”
    I now have your blog listed on my Favorites Page. And here’s my link….
    Really enjoying your blog! And I LOVE Scotties.

  2. Thanks Terri for the feedback. I’m going to reword the link to your blog to try and make it clearer that it’s not exclusively about Scotties.

    Out of curiosity, does Duncan mind the Florida heat. Being a Canadian Scottie Bridget was quite shocked and energy-less the first day the thermometor topped 80, but she appears to be getting used to it now.

  3. I don’t know you’re first name, so can’t use it here in greeting…lol
    Duncan was born in South Carolina, and I’ve always been told that southern born dogs really do better in the heat down here.
    I won’t say he’s fond of it…last summer was his first one, as he’s just 15 months old but he did okay. I don’t take him out for walks in the afternoon, only mornings, as it’s too hot come July and August. AND he does love our tile floors with the a/c on…lol

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