Scottish Terrier names

I knew Sadie was back in style as a people name, but it looks like it’s making tracks as a Scottie name as well. It’s number four on the Most Popular Girl Dog Names list after Maggie, Molly and Lady but before Lucy.

The top five male dog names are Max, Jake, Buddy, Bailey, Sam.

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  1. Very interesting. So I guess choosing Duncan and Brie may have been a bit original. I do love Lucy for a girl dog though.

  2. I’ve had three Scotties: Sandi McKay, Cailin McTavish, and the one I have now is Miss Molly McGregor. They had to have proper Scottish names!


  3. Several years ago I bought a beautiful little brindle Scottie. I decided to name her Aberdeen’s Violet Thistle and sent in her registration papers. I was planning on calling her Violet, but she refused to even look up when I used that name. So for several days I tried out different names to see if she would respond. One day I said, “Peggy, come here!” She stopped what she was doing and came right to me. So, from that day on Peggy was her name and I never had the problem of her ignoring me again. I think she was just waiting for a name that she approved of.

    1. I had a scottie who I named ruth ann out of the bible and she wouldn’t come to me so I started calling her roo roo and had no problem they have their own personal and she die a couple months ago I miss her so much

      1. Megan so sorry to hear of the passing of your fur baby!! I can’t imagine what pain you are going through!! {{hugs}}

  4. Our 9 yr old Scottie is Connan Jaque McDonald of Glencoe,
    quite a dog…who thinks he’s a human.
    We love him..he can talk on the phone to our daughter..very funny!!
    you gotta love Scotties!!

  5. We have had 3 scotties so far. @ have passed on to the Highlands, and now we have Conan Jaq McDonald of Glencoe.
    He is otherwise know as Jack!
    He is a great dog and owns our house. He can talk on the phone and loves “chewies”..He is nine and still going strong.
    Shhhh, don’t tell him he’s a dog!!

  6. I had 2 Scotties both names Cubbie. Reason was because when they are puppies they look like bear cubs. As an adult that also have a “bootie” like a mother bear. Am without a Scotties right now but am looking at names for the next one.

    1. We once had a Westie, a rescue dog and the best looking Westie we ever had, who was named Stonewall. I don’t know how the name came to be but we loved and him.

  7. We have one stunning Scottie called Lexi and will be getting our second one on December.. Her tag will say Gabby.

  8. We have had our little girl Scottie since she was 7 weeks old. She is from NC and black as tar. Her registered name is Foster’s Black Pearl of Virginia, and we call her Pearl. Playful, sweet and smart, she is. She is now 6 years old.

    Pat Foster

  9. We have to male Scotties, two years apart but blood brothers just from different litters. MacTavish at 6yrs, and Finnigan at 4 yrs. . Both are characters but opposites I’n personality. I wiu never be without a Scottie!!

  10. We recently adopted our daughter’s male Scottie; Brewer. I am thinking of changing his name to Ah-rooooo-er though! He is quite holding his own with our two older females; a somewhat cranky 9 year old Chesapeake, and a 10 year old retriever mix. He doesnt seem to know that he is only about a third their size! I have not had a small breed dog before, but I am hooked!

  11. Well you are in for a wonderful life.! We are one our third Scottie and he has been a joy for the past 14 years.

  12. We’ve had Scotties all my life, my Dad started the tradition when he was a child with “Scottie”. We’ve had five since we’ve been married. Our last two were MacDuff and MacIver. My daughter has two named Danny and Duffy. Sister had Scotch and Soda. Older son in the process of finding a Scottie puppy.

  13. We have just got a new scottie puppy and called her Nessie! She is a new sister for big brother westie Angus x

  14. i replied yesterday but i,m new to your web sight n may not have gotten it right somehow, I was desperatly looking for a name for my new addition soon to be scotty, you may recall at how heartbroken we are as we are about to loose our 16 yr old scotty sophie, our new soon to be scotty girl was nameless, i,v racked my brain thinking of names but somehow never semed to get that ” feeling” when you just know you,ve GOT IT. Then i seen the name Kelsy and loved it,, so i thought,, I,v had yet another sleepless night an low and behold GOT IT,, ITS DEFINETTTLLYY ” BRACHIN” pronounced Bracken. Spelt in the form of Brachin it is scottish, were as the spelling of it is Bracken it is english Anglo saxon also gaelic irish . So folks its official my new scotty girl will be named brachin,, and now finally me and my hubby can get some sleep. Hope someone else likes it as much as me.

    1. We’re looking for a name for a new puppy we’ll be getting in a couple of months. I also like Brachin because it follows the theme we’ve chosen for our last 3 girls (Thistle, Briar, Bramble). I haven’t found anything else similar (yet). I’m going crosseyed doing the research!
      We’re also thinking of Fiona. We just lost Thistle (8 days shy of her 15th birthday) a week ago; we are still in mourning. Bramble is 4. We’ve had Scotties since 1974, 2 wheatens & the rest black, 9 so far, I think.

  15. We’ve recently (3 weeks ago) welcomed into our family our boy Mac Dubh! This is our first Scottie (and I see another in our future as I adore this breed) he is now 4 months old and is brindle and a lover bug! I named him after a character in a book series I’m reading. I at first wanted to name him Fergus but my husband thought it a silly name so Mac Dubh it is…we call him Dubh tho!

  16. i have 3 beautiful scottie girl…they are maggie, katie and abby…loves of my life…

  17. I have had several Scotties over the years, and I, too, have spent hours reading baby name books and doing research on the Web in order to find that “just right” name. My first two Scotties were named Dudley (the name the breeder called him; we got him at 5 months of age) and Aberdeen (We called her Aberdeen most of the time and occasionally Abbey). My next Scottie I named Clyde (after the river and county in Scotland). Clyde is now 12. He is the BEST dog ever! We also now have an Echo (she came with that name when we got her at 9 months of age. My sons liked it and didn’t want to change it. It suited her as a puppy because she was all over the place, racing around our house and wanting to play.) Echo is the proud mother of our boy “Bean” (GCh Anstamm I Take Mine Black.) He was a big shiny black puppy, and my sons thought he looked like a coffee bean so it stuck.) We also have two additional females: one from Echo’s second litter who we named “Findlay” and one from the first litter that Bean sired who we named “Pippa.” (Yes, she was born in April of 2012 during the month of THE royal wedding of the century.) I love dogs and enjoy seeing some of the other breeds compete at all-breed shows, but, truly, I can’t imagine life without a Scottie.

  18. We have a nine year old Scottie named Picasso. Our Winston died last year so after being heartbroken we’re ready to add another scottie pup to our family next month. We’re getting a Wheaton Scottie and naming him Scotch.

  19. I have two Scooties. Angus McDougall is 13 years and Molly McTavish is 12 years. They are wonderful and I love them dearly. They both have Cushings, so every day is a battle to try and keep them as healthy and pain free as i can. Wouldn’t be a home without a Scottie.

    1. I lost my little Angus McDougall on January 12, 2013 from liver disease. He was 13 yrs and 7 months. I am lost without him, He was my buddy,my friend and my angel. I miss him so much. My wonderful vet helped me keep him longer than we thought possible, but the time came when I had to say goodbye with tears in my eyes and a breaking heart. Little Molly McTavish is grieving over her friend. It is sad to watch. I will get another /sctttie, fMy house is not a home without a Scottie. I know I can’t replace Angus–I wouldn’t try, he was too special, but I need another buddy and Molly needs another friend. I’ll keep you posted.

  20. Our Jaq hates his nails cut to the point his groomer won’t accept him any longer because he snaps and has bit them. We have a cone and I am going to try cutting his nails, but don’t how far back to cut. Any suggestions?

  21. We named our little Scotty mix girl ” Bonnycastle Black,”. Bonnycastle after the big street in Louisville KY where my family is from and Black because it was the middle name of our previous dog, who passed as an old man before we got her. But we call her Bonny, Bon Bon, or just Scruffs!

  22. My male Westie is named Fenwycke which is a part of the name of our home. Our home is about 115 years old and was known as Fenwycke Hall when first built. It has turned out to be a wonderful name for a dog, rather surprisingingly so. I usually call him by his full name but my friend calls him Wicky. he answers to both

  23. When I get another Westie it will be a male. I really like the name Kilty someone suggested in this website but had been thinking of Archibald, calling him Archie. I kind of like that

  24. We have just welcomed Archibald Clyde McBen (son of the mountain) to our home in Colorado. A true stoic Scottie, at 4 months old, he has weathered a long evacuation due to wildfires, bear invasions and a mudslide. May the rest of his life be much more subdued.

  25. I have had 4 Scotties total, I still have 2 of them. Heather MhicDhughaill, Piper MhicCrimmon, Wee Bonnie Scotia (Pretty Little Scotland) is 16 and Wee Bonny Ceilidh (Gaelic for party) is 9. My Mom has had Meagan MhicDhughaill, Angus, Torquil McNeill, Ian McIntosh, & Gadie Burn (a small stream in Scotland). Her current Scotties are Duncan, and Hamish.

    1. I love wee Bonnie. It is perfect name. Our little girl is Sallee’s Wee Beastie of Loch Ness. Nessie or the beast for short. They are the best breed I have ever had.

  26. Despite my laugh-riot sister’s suggestion that we name our wheaten “Blackie” and our black Scottie “Whitey”, we named our wheaten Barkley Blackburn, aka Barkley Braveheart. Our first rescue Scottie, Bella, was already named at age 2, so we called her Bella Noche (beautiful night) for her shiny black coat, except when she was naughty and then we called her Bella Donna. Blackburn is one of my ancestral names, but Braveheart is a misnomer because Barkley behaves more like the cowardly lion from the Wizard of Oz when his big sister Bella takes on a fierce toy. He is a rescue from a puppy mill. Both are smart, wiley Scottie’s with tons of attitude and all the love a dog or human could possibly have.

    1. Linda….
      Our boy Mac “Dubh” is so a cowardly lion….this boy is afraid of everthing! But go out in the yard and he’s a fierce rabbit hunter…he goes crazy if they are in the yard and chases them right out. I just don’t know how to get him not to be afraid of everything. He was even afraid of my painted toe nails when I first got them done this summer…LOL
      Any suggestions that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated!
      Also I can’t wait to get another Scottie….I want a Wheaten tho and I want a girl. We already have another male dog in our family and Dubh and Cooper together just about drive me nuts…to much playing/wrestling/fighting for my taste.

  27. Our family has been FULL of Scotties (with a few others mixed in!):

    These have all passed on at their ripe old ages….there will be more!

  28. Our scottie is our first dog, even though we are in our late 60’s. They are a handful for anyone, but especially for any so inexperienced as we. We named him Bob Johnson, but now everyone assumes “Johnson” is our last name. He is a delightful little pistol, but a star at obedience school!!! I think he enjoys the audience.

  29. I just got my fourth Scottie. She is one and a half years old and named Jewels. The other three were bought a 13 weeks and were named….Misty…Pepper and Kimeraha..which is Gaelic for something like “how are you”. This is my first day with Jewels. Wish me luck.

  30. We had a wonderful big old bear called Wallace (after Willaim Wallace), thenmy daughter’s westie Jakey sadly passed away so three months later as Wallace was pining we got another Westie and daughter named him – yep you’ve guessed it Gromit!

  31. We’ve had 9 scotties since 1972. McKeever of the Black Isle (Keever), Lady MacBeth (Lady), McNulty, McMagan(Magan), Maximillion (Max), Lizzie, Bridgit, Mr. Scott McDigger (Scott), Fiona McGrumble (Fiona). Six were rescues that came with first names. Love them all and know that they will be waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for us. They leave a huge scottie shaped hole in my heart when they’re gone.

  32. It will be two years since my beautiful Wee Bonny Blythe passed away. She has left a gaping hole in my heart and not a day passes that I don’t think of her. My husband went and bought 2 psyco dobermans who are great but such a handful. They play, run, love and tumble all day long. Eat my shoes, furniture, hosepipes and children’s toys. Sadly though neither talk or natter to me when I get home or snuggle up and keep my feet warm on the sofa. It’s past time for another Scottie. Once you’ve had a Scottie, no other breed can replace them!

  33. We recently lost our beloved scottie only 9 years old. His name was Spencer and he was loved by everyone who met him……

  34. Have to agree with Tracy on the loss of her Scottie. Ive looked at other breeds and my heart always desires another Scottie. What personality they have. We miss our Spencer so much every day….

  35. Tommorow we go to meet Angus, (9 weeks old) he will hopefully join our family. I say hopefully because we have to take Gromit to meet him (Gromit the westie is 6 and misses Wallace who died in February – miss you Big old Bear).
    Fingers crossed – oh and to add spice to the mix I have just had my third stroke (I’m ok) and we move onto a wide beam boat mid November.

      1. Glenda, I hope our meeting with Angus went well!!! If it didn’t, don’t give up. Try a female. Supposedly opposite sexes can get along better. We had very good luck introducing a new girl, Bailey, to our ten year old MacKinnon. She added so much happiness to his later years.

  36. We recently (4 weeks ago) lost our Westie (Rowdy) to cancer he was almost 8 years old…He left such a gaping hole in our hearts and our 4 year old Grandaughter loved him, we are getting another Westie in a couple months and trying to find a name for him…I know we will love another one but Rowdy will always be in our hearts…

    1. my two westies – my darling boys – are in heaven now. Names you might consider Hamie (nik name for Hamish) and Simi (nik name for seamus). so much loved and saved my heart.

  37. Our brother/sister wheaten scotties are Liam and Bernadette..we call her Birdie.
    Our Giant Schnauzer is Fineus Maximus von Blackjack…we call him Finn.

  38. We have a sweet little black girl named Darby, the “D” most of the time. In a few weeks we are getting a wheaten and calling her Juna, June Bug. Scottie’s are the best and I can’t for our new doggie to arrive.

  39. hi every one , after long deliberations i called my new Scottie BRACHYN pronounced bracken, its a very old name that originated in the 11th / 12th century when the LION KING of Scotland ruled, its also Gaelic, There was also apparently an Irish priest name pronounced and spelt pretty much the same he was famous for healing the sick. So after weeks of asking u all on the net ,,, Brachyn was perfect for me, she is gorgeous, funny, cheeky, and she certainly healed my broken heart after loosing my 16 year old Scottie girl Sophie, we miss her still but our new Scottie girl has brought the laughter back, she is an absolute treasure. we luv luv luv her thanks Annette, and brachyn

  40. My 8 year old Wheat Scottie is named Prospect’s Theodore Augustus and we lovingly call him Teddy. When he arrived he looked just like a little polar bear cub, thus the name Teddy. I am a die hard lover of Scotties! I am around other breeds every day but, when I get home each evening and Teddy runs to the door and drops a favorite toy at me feet as to say “this is for you”, I fall in love with this breed all over again!

  41. We have two Scottie’s. They are from the same liter. Their names are Fancy and Farrah! Fits them perfectly!

  42. Our girl’s name is “Katie Sue” she’s 8 1/2 and a living doll! She is perfect! She’s my first Scottie…..but NOT my last! Also affectionately known as Junebug and suubee and suubee princess! She’s my love!

  43. We are waiting for a brother and sister from a litter due next spring. So, we have a long time to think of just the right names for our first scotties, ever! All of your loving testimonies are inspiring!

    1. I hope you enjoy your brother sister duo as much as we have. A lot of people warned us against litter mates, and we really had no intention on getting two, but when Liam and I laid eyes on each other, that soon changed. Ours are the best of friends and share very different personalities. Birdie rules the roost, and Liam is the most laid back chill guy ever. They compliment each other perfectly. I can’t imagine one without the other. Good luck!

  44. We have had four Scotties over the years. The girls were Carrie, Sophie, and Sasha. We still havea male Scottie whose name is Fergus. The girls were black and brindl, and our Fergus is a Wheaten Scottie. He is especially amazing. He will be 13 in October and is still full of energy, and so affectionate. We love him very much and hate that he is getting older, but he has been a great joy for 12 1/2 years.

  45. We just lost our 13 1/2 yr old Scottie to TCC bladder cancer and we are grieving. her name was Ghillie and she was our only child after kids left home. Previously, we had 2 Westies – Shannon ( lived to be 18 ) and Piper ( lived to be 15). After the Westies passed we fell in love with a Scottie puppy, Tam, who only lived to be 7, and our new puppy, Ghillie helped us heal. Two years ago, to give Ghillie company, we fostered ( and adopted) Scotties, 3 year old Lola, whom we renamed Lorna, and 9 year old wheaten, Issabelle Ivy – we didn’t change her name. Beautiful, amazing dogs all. Agree that once you have been owned by a Scottie, you can never go back. Anticipating a puppy after we have healed and looking for Scottie names online is helping me – thanks for your site. All of our dogs have been female and they get along beautifully.

  46. We have a precious and feisty runt of a Scottie (don’t tell her) that we named after her mom. She is “Sallie’s Wee Beastie of Loch Ness” we call her Nessie or “the beast”. Both apply. I’d never have another breed.

    1. We call Bridget “the beast” too, as in “Have you taken the beast for a walk?” or “Does the beastly one need to go out?”

  47. Just picked up Scottie #3, an 8-week old female wheaten. Heard somewhere that a great way to name a dog is to pick your favorite book & name the dog after your favorite character. The book: “To Kill A Mockingbird”. The character: the little sweet, curious, very funny, loyal, loving “Scout”. And “Scout” she shall be. She follows Molly, Megan & Sadie. Hooray! I’ll be owned by a Scottie again. And, as soon as she figures out how, she’ll own Gizmo, my 2-year-old ShihTzu. Let the games begin!

  48. We got our wee scottie boy just 2 months ago, but cannot imagine life without one now. Our little boy is named Colin (“young whelp or warrior”) MacDuff (“black or dark”). It’s amazing how addicted to the breed we are. We have a 10 year old cairn that we thought was the world’s cutest, smartest dog, but Colin takes love to an all-new level!

  49. We rescued our Scottie just over 2 years ago. Cannot imagine a day without him. My husband chose the name Bacon, as he says everyone loves Beacon.

  50. We have Cash and Willie. Cash is a rescued puppymill survivor with black fur. (His name just fits.) Willie is a scottie/standard schnau mix, with black fur and a red/brindle face. He just looks like the kinda guy who’d have cowboys for heroes.

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