K-9 police blotter

In Bend, Oregon a Deputy’s dog died after eating cruiser seats. “Many police dogs are high-drive dogs,” said a spokesman. “They have to do something. It’s like ADHD.”

Meanwhile, authorities say a Cleveland man who jumped into Lake Erie and drowned while trying to save his dog was wanted in Detroit on a first-degree murder charge.

And on the other side of the world in Sydney, Australia, a woman who kept 14 dogs as pets has died after being found with bite wounds over much of her body at her home. A neighbour, who wished to be named only as Ally, said: “She was a good Samaritan that would rescue dogs from the [pound].”

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2 thoughts on “K-9 police blotter

  1. I would be interested to find out if the dogs killed her or became upset after she died of something else. What a sad story. In the end she didn’t seem to help the dogs did she.

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