Daily Dog Video: A Scottie Playdate

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Have as much fun this weekend as the four Scottish Terriers who star in this video. Cinematically, it’s very Merchant Ivory.


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12 thoughts on “Daily Dog Video: A Scottie Playdate

  1. Your video is marvelous. I’m owned by two cairns myself and got here via a post from someone on my cairn group with a link to your site.

  2. What an awesome video. It would be nice to know the name of the tune also. I love plaid music as well as the scottie dogs! I have had 2 scotties and they will always be part of my life. Without them I would have a scottie shaped hole in my heart. I found this via one of my online dog lists. Keep up the most excellent work!

  3. What a great video! I found the link on a Scottie newsgoup, and the video is fantastic. I love to watch our great little guys playing – so much personality!

  4. What a great video. I found you via the ScottyLovers list on Yahoo. I am now a regular reader of your blog.

    Lallee–owned by 2 Scotties, 1 rescue Lab, 1 cat

  5. This video was made by my friend, Karina. Fiona is my Wheaten Scottie with the green harness. Tulla (Karina’s) is the black small Scottie. Gowan (Wheaten) and Dougal (Brindle) are owned by our friend Prudence…the house is hers !
    The four dogs have a regular play-group. It is a great video..he music really makes it work !

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