Daily dog video: Scottie vs. cat

While this video of a Scottish Terrier and a cat may lend support to Vladimir Putin’s claims about terriers, we are committed to telling the whole truth here at Scottish Terrier and Dog News.

So although today’s daily video may be an accurate portrayal of one particular household’s pet situation, a reader with both a Scottie and a Labrador wrote to tell us about her two dogs:

I don’t know if Cassie (scottie) could beat Sasha (black lab) in a fight but she’d definitely give Sasha a run for her money. Just to give you an idea of the relationship, Cassie is my dog and Sasha is my fiance’s dog. By the way, they get along now as well as two dogs that had been raised together from day one. I’m sure it helps that Cassie is 7 and Sasha is 3, but it’s definitely amusing at times knowing that Sasha is doing Cassie’s bidding.

Putin’s poodle wouldn’t have a chance. Enjoy the show.


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