Daily Scottie Video: Skunk cures

Watch Scottish Terrier, Toby, get spa treatment for a direct skunk hit. My sources tell me you can skip the tomato juice/goop if you use this recipe. Of course, we all wish you never have to.

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2 thoughts on “Daily Scottie Video: Skunk cures

  1. 🙂 You know, I think Toby would do it all again! (I hope he doesn’t, but if he does…we’ll try omitting the tomato sauce!). I love my Toby! Kathy

  2. If you use the peroxide de-skunking formula BE AWARE that it will bleach your black Scottie dog to a nice reddish Scottie dog. When Miss Jean Louise Brodie got sprayed in Maine last year we used the last precious drops of a product called “Skunk Kleen” which is made by a company named G.G. Bean of Brunswick, Maine. This is a wonderful product! Just wished we had purchased more as the scent still lingered each time Jean Louise got wet: we used this peroxide mix and she turned reddish but it was better than that skunk smell…You can purchase Skunk Kleen online—which we have done with every hope we will never need it again…

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