Dog names: rules for getting it right

Update: For more on naming your Scottie dogs, please go to our male and female Scottish Terrier name lists.
My father told me that you should always give dogs human names, that it wasn’t dignified to call them Fluffy or Spot. So when people laugh at my dog’s name, Bridget, I always tell them where I got my number one rule for dog naming. Often they reply just the opposite, that they were taught never to give dogs people names.

Once when I was calling Bridget at a park here in Montreal, a French woman practically collapsed in laughter. “Hahahaha, Bridget?” she said. “That’s your dog’s name. In French, Brigitte is a very high class name.”

I gave her my father’s first rule for dog names.”And what’s your dog’s name?” I asked.

“Rocket,” she answered. “Like the lettuce.”

“Oh yeah,” I said. “Arugula.”

I guess there’s just no accounting for taste or logic when it comes to dog names.


I bring all this up now because Scottie News’ first ever count-the-puppy contest failed miserably. Only brave Blair even hazarded a guess so he wins even if he got it wrong.

The correct answer was four males and three females. So we are in need of four male dog names for Scotties and three female names. And since these dogs are French, they can have French dog names but maybe not Brigitte, even if there is a famous Brigitte known for her love of animals.

So go ahead, name those puppies with great dog names.

P.S. We’re being kind to Brigitte and opting for the glamour shot.

7 thoughts on “Dog names: rules for getting it right

  1. I guess since I had never seen puppies before, I got carried away. I am also a female, but I get that alot.

    I will give the names some thought. I think animal naming goes in cycles. Sometimes they are named after food, some times they are given royal disignation, and other time people names.

  2. Here are some links to the most popular dog names in UK and NYC. I’m not big on using people names, but I like nicknames. The key test is whether it will be short and distinctive enough for the dog to distinguish his name. Most dog names seem to end in the “EEEE” sound— must be something there.

  3. Thanks for those links, Pappy’s Fella. It’s interesting to compare the NYC and UK lists. All people names in the UK. Not so in NYC, where Princess and Lucky still get high billing. My father was a Brit so I guess that explains his people’s name preference.

    Blair, you are right about food and royalty.

    Maybe we should suggest a bunch of French food names for these puppies.

    Or maybe I should look up the most popular dog names in France.

  4. Sorry Blair, forgot to apologize for calling you a man.

    I thought Blair and Millie were a couple.

    Of course, maybe you are a couple in the non-traditional sense or maybe it’s a human/dog relationship.

    Never knew dog-bloggin was going to be this complicated.

    Thanks for all you comments.

  5. I never realized it was the Scots in me that ruled all my dogs have people names. My mom and uncle called their dogs after their parents, Meg, Maggie, Sam, Samantha, etc. My Scottie names in the past? Bonnie, Heather, Kiltie, Lass, Mairgheid, Seona, Ceilidh. Names I haven’t used yet? Jinty, Catriona, and the absolute most perfect Scottie name? Sonsie, Scottish (not gaelic) for plump and cheeky. How perfect is that?

  6. I live in Texas and my black scottie/dachshund mix has a “Texas big hair name” “LORETTA MAXINE” and like many, she prefers her middle name…she’s called “max”, “maxie”, “maxie-doodle” and upon occasion “mad-max”!! she is the best of both breeds.

  7. My Scottie girls name was Kelty Cameron-Clark.
    I loved the name Kelty for a Scottie and I never ran into another Kelty. She was one of a kind:)

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