Famous Scottie Friday

Today, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News unveils a new Friday feature on famous Scottish Terriers or, depending on how you see it, famous owners of Scottish Terriers. A grand prize, to be determined, goes to the first person to identify this famous Scottie owner in the comments.

11 thoughts on “Famous Scottie Friday

  1. My Scotties, Bonnie and Angus told me that it was Bogie! No, really, I have seen the pic before, but Bogie is pretty easy to spot!

    Love your site,
    (and Bonnie & Angus)

  2. OK, guess it’s just me then. I really didn’t find it that Bogey-ish a shot.

    Now what should the prize be?

    A picture of Judy, Angus and Bonnie in the Scottish Terrier news?

  3. The owner is Humphry Bogart…..though I don’t know his scotties names, I do know he owned scotties. Aroooo!

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