Nobel prize for dog lit

“FDR had a beloved pet named Fala, a Scottie dog, and were he alive today the famous Fala, no doubt, would have penned (or pawed) his own memoir, such is the current insatiable demand for dog books, kicked off by John Grogan’s mega-hit, Marley and Me.”

Scroll down for this summer’s suggested dog reading list from NPR. We think Thomas Mann’s Bashan and I, which is also known as A Man and His Dog is probably the best dog story ever. Alas, most Mann translations, including our own dog-eared copy, are pretty bad — apparently because the contract went to the American publisher’s mistress or some such thing. While the new versions are supposed to be a lot better, we can’t vouch for them.

A Man and his Dog can be found in the standard Mann short story collections. And as an added bonus you’ll get Death in Venice. Mann is such a great writer that the power comes through despite the translator’s stilted style. Can’t recommend it highly enough. This is one Nobel Prize for literature recipient whose work has actually stood the test of time.