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The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has now been in operation almost one month. We’ve covered terrier scandals in Congress, celeb Scotties, dog DNA and Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan’s new rival.

One thing we’re mostly missing though is reader feedback. While I’ve heard from a few of you via email ( and I’ve answered every query, I suspect some of my replies have ended up caught in the junk mail filters so please, if you didn’t get a reply from me, it’s not because I didn’t send one. Feel free to ask your question here again and there is no way your answer will go astray.

Also, don’t be afraid to bring up something you don’t like. Over at CyberScots, one member said she didn’t like the puppy ads, which is a very valid point. So please, comment away for better or for worse and, while you’re at it, be sure try your hand at our contests including Famous Scottie Friday.
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3 thoughts on “Open thread

  1. Thanks for the last month. I have enjoyed the STDN and check in every day. Maybe you could find something from Canada to put into the pages. I still can’t view the video but my son is going to help me fix that. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks Blair for getting things going.

    I will look for some CanCon Scottish Terrier News. I’m sure something will turn up.

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