Paging Dr. Scottie: Advice column

OK, readers, you get to play Dr. Scottie.

Do your Scottish Terriers bite feet? And if so, what do you do about it?

4 thoughts on “Paging Dr. Scottie: Advice column

  1. Millie only bites feet, well ankles, when her walk is too short or she really want to play. I walk her or play with her and the problem is solved. We are working on jumping up. Most people say “Oh, that’s okay” and I say “no it isn’t, ask her to stay down” We are still working on our skin friends.

    1. Stay down is a different command used for the dog to lay down and stay. Jumping is “off”, and as the dog goes to jump just raise you knee which will push her in the proper direction, and say”off”.

  2. My Bairie would nip when he was very young. I just kept after him and he finally stopped. Now I trust him with anyone young or old. I would take hold of the hair on the sides of his face and make him look at me, then scold him and tell him “no bites.” Of course it had to be immediately after he bit. Now once in a while when I am playing with him and put my hands on his muzzle he opens his mouth. Then I tell him “no teeth” and he is careful not to put his teeth on my hand. As with everything scottie, you have to be consistent and persistent for it to work. My pups don’t obey many command–sit, leave it, and no teeth for the most part. They certainly don’t come every time I ask them to; they have to think about it first and then decide if they like the idea or not. They definitely will not come if they have gotten out of the yard. When that happens, I have to ask whoever is around (someone they don’t know) to call them and then grab them and hold on until I get there and take them. They love everybody and will go to anyone who calls, except me or their dad, because they know we will take them home. Ah, life with scotties….

  3. I have two one and a half year old Scotties sisters who are adorable. But one girl is a terror when walking and meeting other dogs. She is so excitd to visit and won’t stop barking the minute she sees another dog approaching. She never fights or growls, she is just so excited. Quick jerks on the collar as her trainer suggested is not working. Sharp “no’s” don’t even phase her. Turning away is not always the answer. This is embarrassing and frightens other dogs and owners. Help!!

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