Scottie Song (instead of the daily dog video)

Just music today, no pictures. Go here to hear a genuine acoustic Scottie folk song by Heather T. Strong and Kate Connick. Click on the hifi icon.

Here’s part of what the Humble Scottie has to say:

Labs are all too common.
P.R. is where the Pit is weak.
Chows look all anoxic.
In which direction points the Peke?

Poodles are just victims
Of scissors gone amok.
Of all the breeds, I’d have to say
They have the worst darn luck.

Scottie News will get back to you tomorrow with a definition for anoxic. In the mean time, sing along.

Update: Hmm, okay. I feel better. I knew anaerobic. But still not sure what it means. That Chows look like they can’t breath?

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