Scottie warns of seizures

Scottish Terrier, Bonnie, has become Marie Richard’s guardian angel. When the dog runs up and gives a low-pitched whimper, Marie knows a seizure is on its way.

3 thoughts on “Scottie warns of seizures

  1. Our Scottie just had her third seizure! It’s very frightening to see! She did alert us with the whimper and clicking sounds. Madi is almost five years old.We took her to a vet. emergency clinic the first time because we had no idea what was happening to her. Her veternarian has been made aware of these episodes and let us know what treatments are available, but we would keep an eye on her. Wish there was something we could do so they would be gone forever!

    1. You are right. Seizures are scary, especially the first few times. But they are often treatable with the right medication. Please let us know how this works out for you and Madi. We’re sending you good vibes. Get well soon, Madi.

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