You can’t make this stuff up

These shocking poll results were leaked to the Scottish Terrier and Dog News by a Beltway insider.
At first we thought it must be a joke, but no. The NBC News – Wall Street Journal White House 2008 poll, conducted on 8-11 June that surveyed 1,008 Americans, did indeed ask: “Would you rather spend your summer vacation with George and Laura Bush, Bill and Hillary Clinton, or Barney, the Bushs’ dog?”

Pollster John Zogby saw significance in Barney’s strength with independents “the votes for Barney coming from the vital center that has had it with both parties or at least both families”. But the 21 June issue of Campaign Insider newsletter — pictured above and published by Campaigns and Elections magazine, speculated “the American people aren’t fans of Scottish terriers, or maybe they fear Barney will bark all vacation long.”

We’re not polling experts here at the Scottie News (and being Canadians, not experts in U.S. politics either) but it seems obvious to us that this is a totally stacked question. To avoid bias against Scottish Terriers, they would have to throw the Clintons’ dog into the mix as well.

If you still can’t believe this, go straight to the source and click on the “download now’ button.

I have written to the magazine’s editor in my official capacity as editor and publisher of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News, and asked him (or her) to correct this nasty slur immediately. We will keep concerned readers and Scottie lovers up to date.

7 thoughts on “You can’t make this stuff up

  1. You are right on both fronts: bad question, faulty interpretation of bad results.

    Sure, some of this comes with the territory of being the president’s dog breed of choice, but it’s still not right to whip people up against Scottish Terriers and claim they bark a lot.

    The breed deserves an apology!

  2. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all day. I hope you’re joking as much as they are.

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