Belated Happy Canada Day

Because we’ve had so much American Scottie news this past month, which may be inevitable given the first dogs, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News wanted to take this opportunity to wish our Canadian readers a very happy Canada Day Monday off.

If you send us your Canadian Scottie photos, showing what it’s like to be a Scottie in Canada, we will publish them. Meanwhile, let’s get things started with Bridget in December 2006.

scottish terrier dog in snow
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2 thoughts on “Belated Happy Canada Day

  1. Too cute.
    I was an almost-Scottie owner.
    We were supposed to get one to replace my father when he bolted back in the ’70s, but alas the adoption fell through.

    We ended up with a lovely Cairn terrier, cousin of the scottie, I believe. Lived 18 years.

    That’s longer than the father stayed with us…

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