Brazilian trims for Scotties

A reader from Brazil writes asking if there is another haircut for Scottish Terriers apart from the traditional one.

It’s a good question and one the Scottie News has been pondering since seeing the video below and given that another more notorious kind of Brazilian trim has become ubiquitous in recent years.

It would seem from this video that not just our correspondent but plenty of other Brazilians like different trimming techniques for both themselves and their dogs. However, in the case of Scottish Terriers, it looks like they prefer a more rather than less furry look, leaving long hair all around the head for a lion-like profile.

Scottie News has seen that look on North American Westies but not on Scottish Terriers. All we can say is that if it appeals to our Brazilian reader, he should definitely try it.

And if it catches on here, we want the credit for coining the term Brazilian for Scotties.


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3 thoughts on “Brazilian trims for Scotties

  1. Although I love the traditional Scottie cut, this might be nice to consider during the heat of our Florida summer. Those Scotties were adorable, as always.

  2. mine is a brazilian scottish terrier, but with a lot of hair style. I don’t like to cut his tail hair, so it stays natural as you can see in this video that I made last week.

    need to groom him again in the forward months.

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