Cute Scottie Photo

Well, actually it’s a Scoland terrier, meaning a cross between a Scottie and a Westie, but it looks awfully Scottie-ish to the Scottish Terrier and Dog News. And that animal next to it, nope not a Shih Tzu or a Lhasa but a guinea pig.

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3 thoughts on “Cute Scottie Photo

  1. I was shocked when I viewed this photo. I thought to myself…”There is no way my Scotty” would be at ease with a guinea pig that close. That’s DINNER! I had a guinea pig prior to my Scotty and they never did remain very close. I always go the innate sense that my Scotty was looking over at my guinea hog (affectionately termed) as “One wrong move buster and your toast.” Or shall I say,…you may taste really nice with some toast. Urgh…..

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