Daily Dog Video: Sibling rivalry?

Hmm, we’d like to know the back story here


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6 thoughts on “Daily Dog Video: Sibling rivalry?

  1. We’ve never been more than a one-dog family so I wasn’t sure if they were sibs or strangers getting to know each other.

    I’m always hoping the filmmaker will drop by and comment but it hasn’t happened yet.

  2. I filmed this…these are my parents’ two Scottish Terriers…the black one is 5 years old and the other is just over 2. The 2 year old likes to cause trouble…it’s been like this for 2 years (since we brought him home).

  3. My female brindle Scottie, Sophie, acts the same way as the wheaton in the video. If anyone talks that way to her, she becomes quiet. It’s all an act.

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