Famous Scottie Friday: The Winner

Puki takes the prize.

And no, she is not going to win a Scottie like the contestants who vied to name Fur Mommie Dearest’s dog.

And please, no one give the Scottie News grief for printing a photo of a dog give-away contest.

We absolutely do not advocate giving Scottish Terriers away in contests.

And we believe that it’s relevant that this contest was held in 1932, a long time ago.

Also interesting is the fact that the Scottie was at the peak of its popularity when Joan Crawford had one, much like the Paris Hilton-style Chihuahuas and Teacup Yorkies are now.

Plus ca change…

2 thoughts on “Famous Scottie Friday: The Winner

  1. Aren’t we glad Scotties don’t fit in purses! It would be fun to know who won the Scotty. I didn’t know Joan Crawford had one.

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