Fanciest Scottish Terriers Ever

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These two were strutting their stuff at a recent Tartan Day in Brisbane Australia. There are way more pictures of these best-dressed Scotties in the slideshow here.

Has anyone seen outfits like these before or are they strictly Australian?

5 thoughts on “Fanciest Scottish Terriers Ever

  1. We are extremely proud to say that these beautiful Scotties are "our" kids!!! They are the original and only official Scottiish Terrier Mascots for a pipe band in Australia.
    I design and make all of their costumes, which are their official ustumes for this job.
    By the way – before "anonomous" only has time to winge – "they are NOT pom poms" – they are a group of very fine feathers!!!!
    These costumes take quite some time to put together as there are some built in extras, in case of design theft!!!!
    In any case – I do the very best I can with what is available to me, and I do search far and wide!!

  2. Hi, Scottiedogmascots! Would you be kind enough to share your knowledge on how to properly attire a Scottish terrier in full parade dress? Thank you! B

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