Fat Scottie dog tries Yarvitan regime

London’s Daily Mail reports on Hector, a 50 lb Scottish Terrier, put on a diet and Yarvitan treatment regime. His owner describes the dog’s eating habits before she decided to try out the new drug designed to help canines shed excess weight.

I’m single aInd don’t have children, so I spoiled him and treated him like a substitute child.

He loves dried pigs’ ears I get from the butchers, which I’d give him three times a week, and he ate dog biscuits every morning and evening with his meals.

If I ate a biscuit, he would expect one. If I had a square of chocolate, I’d treat him to one. When I had friends over for dinner, I gave him the scraps.

I’d tried putting him on diets before and he’d lost a kilo here and there, but I’d never been able to get him down to the recommended weight.

The article also features a great photo of Hefty Hector tipping the scales.

Here’s some Yarvitan background.

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  1. I appreciate your concern and desire to help find my dog a good home. However, I do not give out any personal info on here. I will be speaking with my vet and hope that he will know of a good family. I think he really needs a family with children. He’s very playful and fun.
    Thanks again!

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