Names for Scottish Terriers (and Westies too)

Angus Lost by Marjorie Flack
The lovely Angus books are all about a dog with a perennially popular Scottie name. Click the image to check it out.

Update: Since we first posted on this topic, there have been some 350  comments from readers suggesting excellent Scottie and Westie names.

The Scottie News gets a lot of hits from dog lovers looking for suitable names for Scottish Terriers. In keeping with our Rules for Dog Names, we would like to present an inspirational list of names for both girl and boy dogs. We should also add that these names would work well for West Highland Terriers or Westies.

Female Scottie and Westie Names

Abbie, Agnes, Amie, Annabelle, Bailey, Barney, Blair, Bonnie, Daisy, Fiona, Ginny, Kayleigh, Kenzie, Mackenzie, Maddie, Maggie, Maisie, May, Megan, Molly, Morag, Peyton, Skye, Taffy

Male Scottie and Westie Names

Alistair, Andrew, Angus, Archibald, Blake, Callum, Cameron, Campbell, Charlie, Clyde, Dougal, Duncan, Gordon, Graham, Jock, Lewis, Logan, Mac, Malcolm, Murdoch, Oscar, Piper, Riley, Robbie, Sandy, Seamus, Skye, Wallace

Please add any and all suggestions in the comments below.

Also, if you’re pondering names because you’re thinking of becoming the proud fur parent of a Scottish Terrier, check out Amazon’s selection of Scottie guidebooks and the Scottie News list of recommended products for a Scottish Terrier puppy.

490 thoughts on “Names for Scottish Terriers (and Westies too)

    1. looking at ALL the names and of course the Scottie comments, I couldn’t agree more. However, I guess we love names that begin with Mac……. and we never shortened it. Unless we called his our “lovebug” or other loving names. I pray for all God’s creatures every Sunday. Just can’t help it. Life is so empty without Mac Gregor here. Sorry to have gone on so long but I’m sure you are the same about talking about Scotties. dsl

  1. Hi. Just came across the site and had to post. I learned just enough Gaelic to name my red brindle scottish terrier. Traditional Gaelic names are like Icelandic names in that they don’t have “last names but are named after the father. His father was “Barnaby J. King, so we named him “Seumus (Hamish) Ruadh MacBharnabais.” Pronounced Hamish (as one would when addressing a Seumus) Rrroo (with rolled R) MacVarnapaish. It means “James the Red, Son of Barnaby. James the Red was easy but Barnaby wasn’t a Gaelic name. I researched and found that Barnaby comes from the Hebrew Barnabas. Hebrew derived names are allowed in Gaelic so coming up with the Gaelic was easy then. Mac means “son of”, and the possessive form of Barnabas becomes Bharnabais (the first B gets an H and is pronounced V and the final S gets “softened” with the i and is then pronounced SH).

    1. We are Scotty mad! Our oldest bitch is called Ida, her daughter is Libelle, Libelle’s father is Haggis, she also has 3 sisters called Maggie Mae, Daisy, and Delilah, and 3 brothers, Hugo, McGregor and Harold!


    3. We called our Scottie Kipper. She also got Kippy or KipKap. She’s no longer with us but she was a great gal!

    4. I just lost my 16 year old westie named Katie, her name wasn’t inspired, but for a boy dog Fergus,Caspar,MacDuff. Girls names Fiona,Kirtsie. Any one know how I can get in touch with her breeder,Fred Raines?

    5. Our first was Mac Dougall. Our second that we just lost was Mac Gregor. The next one will be Mac Tavish. I have a book “Scottish Clans & Tartans” that is great for names.

      1. I love your love & passion. We lost our Abbey, a Westie 3 years in Dec. Everyday I felt her with me. I kn I w she is in heaven. Finally a new puppy is come from the same breeder who we thought died. God again played out His plan. We praise His Name.

    6. I named my first Scottie baby Paisley, after the town of Paisley, Scotland that the paisley pattern came from. That’s a lot of paisleys!!

  2. mine were named:
    chips’ Paisley Piper O’Balbair
    and Glenby Good Golly Miss Molly (Maggie and Piper for short)

  3. My scottie is named Brutus he turned 15 years old December 6, 2007. Anyone that meets him says his name fits him. My husband and I just returned home from taken our boys Brutus and Joey to see Christmas Lights. Joey is my mini pincher. Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you.

  4. Brutus is kind of counter intuitive for a Scottie but I can see how it would work well. It points ou the merits of thinking outside the Scottish name box.

  5. To the names list please also add: Archibald (“archie”) and for a female Agyness (“aggie”) spelled the same as a well known super british super model…

  6. We have added Archibald and Agnes with a more traditional spelling as I’m conservative about this things. No doubt adventurous types will read the comments and opt for the super model spelling.

  7. we were fortunate to have three of the greatest scotties ever. they were all rescue dogs and we didn’t have a choice in their names. we had roscoe, kiddle, and dexter. finally we still had 12 yr old dexter and bought a scottie puppy.
    my 12 yr old daughter is a history buff and picked the name winston, after churchill. a very proud name for a proud breed!

  8. We have 3 wonderful scotties, Angus, Maryre, Katy and our beloved just passed away on Xmas morning IAIN. We are lucky enough to be getting 2 new puppies in 3 weeks and the list of names was very good! I love Daisy for the female and Wallace (Wally for short) for the little boy. AS MUCH AS WE MISS AND LOVED IAIN, WE CANNOT WAIT FOR THEIR ARRIVAL!
    AS you all know, Scotties are so special and we were so happy to discover your website! THANK YOU!

  9. For many years I had been inadvertently naming pets mostly fish and cats with names that began with “B”. A friend pointed the trend out to me and I take great pride in being able to come up with appropriate and even apt “B” names- thus when a Black Brindle Scottie came to live at my house- his name became BRIGADOON!

  10. Greetings all Scottie lovers.
    I am the proud new owner of a little baby girl! Her name is Lady Guinevere and she is a little bundle of fluff.
    Keep coming with the names it is a great site.
    Regards Christi – Sue
    South Africa

  11. I brought mine back from Scotland (over 20 years ago) and named him from his hometown and my favorite Scottish city (in Latin). Officially “Kilearn’s Sancti Andreae Scottie”, or called simply “Andy”.
    He was a great guy, a loyal McGruff that bounced on his front feet at dinner time. We miss him indeed.

  12. Hi

    My Scottish scottie is called Macintosh. He’s called after the aberdeen terrier in the Jeeves & Wooster books.

    Love this blog.

  13. I have two beautiful Scotch souls, Duncan and Willie. I always see “Duncan” as a name, but haven’t met a another “Willie” yet. Short for William, it’s a perfect names for my wee Scotsman.

    1. We have a Willie (Westie) too, but we named him after Willie-the-Grounds-Keeper. He has such a terrier attitude!

  14. My girl is named Sheena. Like Sheena Easton. It is the Scottish equivilent of Jane and can also be spelled Sine.

    1. Sheena is actually Gaelic for Jean or Jane….I was name Sheena after one gransmother and Margaret after the other – those were in the “old” days when family traditions we more closely followed….. I have a Scottie her name is Nessie after the Loch Ness monster black as coal with the reddish tint shining through when the light/sun catches her the right way……my Westie is Ailsa she is named after the Isle “Ailsa Craig”. My husband and I were born in Scotland and emigrated to Canada in 1975 and moved to the USA in 1989. We started with terriers back home with a Cairn she was a poor we soul we rescued from one of those horrid pet stores….we called her Dusty I think because her coat was a dusty wheaten color and maybe Dusty Springfield at the time. She had a lot of health issues which we worked through she ended up almost blind and passed away shortly after we let for Canada, she had a short life, my parents were good enough to give her a home. We then had an Airedale we named her Skye – after of course the Isle of Skye. After that we gave homes to a doberman and 2 rottweilers….
      I love my two girls and would have ooodles more if I could…so much personality.
      Thanks to everyone for sharing their names and reasons why I LOVE reading the comments.
      If anyone knows of a good breeder in Michigan that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg please let me know….

  15. Ever since you posted that comment Pat, I’ve been walking around humming, “My baby takes the morning train…”

    I can’t help but feel I’m not alone. Do people break out in song when you tell them your girl’s name?

  16. my boy came with his name, tyson, and it suits him well. when we’re out, more people know his name than mine!

    my first scottie’s name was polly.

    on our walks we have encountered scots named
    folly, maggie, and tiger. tyson also has scottie friends named mactavish and nigel.

  17. Our Scottie was named was picked by the young boy whose family had brought up the litter. It fit him, so his name is Alfred and we added Braveheart. We love him so much. We are now forever Scottie lovers!

  18. We just got our Scottie puppy today and the only thing my youngest daughter will call him is Dooley so I guess that has become his name.

  19. Our Scottie is named Finley also spelled Finlay which means Fair Hero or Fair Warrior in Scottish.

  20. My first Scottie is named, Texter’s (her birth place)
    Something Wicked This Way Comes, her call name is Hermione. She was born on Halloween, and she is every classic description you’ll find for a Scottish Terrier.

  21. Our Scottie’s registered name is “Finnegan of Meadowbrook” (the name he had when we adopted him) but we call him Angus.

  22. Scooter! She was the best dog ever. I rescued her from a crazy old lady and my Mom was convinced that I had brought home a pot belly pig. I will never live without a Scottish Terrier again.

  23. Our scottie is a four year old rescue dog named Hamish. A new breed to us, we would never have any other breed.

  24. Our wee lass is called Piper, and is the best dog in the world ( in my perhaps not unbiased opinion)

  25. Oh my gosh, I am SO late to this but I noticed you’ve missed a couple (winkwinknudgenudge). Our first dear lassie we named Brigid after St. Brigid and christened our second wee girl Lorna Doone (nicknamed BooBoo,because, well…we thought we’d made one {8^P) Our stalwart young laddie was an accidental rescue, whose name was Oscar, which is an APPALLING name for a Scottie IOHO. While waiting for the inspiration for his new name (and unable to abide calling him by his given), we substituted Ozzie.

    And it’s stuck.

  26. Our Scottie was originally just named Hinny (slang for Honey) but she soon needed a middle name and wound up with Gigot (slang for Pint of Beer).

  27. My little girl is called Lexie. I wanted a pretty name with only a hint of Scottish-ness. She is my first ever puppy, and a complete joy. Everyone should have a Scottie at some point in their life; it should be the LAW!! Now I want a little boy called Max…..

  28. Our two babies are Lorreta Belle and Finnegan (Finn). We get them in late July… can’t wait!!

  29. Campbell is my first but not my last Scottie girl.
    such a sweetheart.
    Please add that name to your list!!

  30. Campbell is my first but not my last Scottie girl.
    such a sweetheart.
    Please add that name to your list!!

  31. We were blessed with four Scotties over many years: Grand Mill’s Lady Caithness (Caithe), a brother and sister Hamish and Lindsay, and a sweet little rescue we called Morag. She taught us the importance of rescue, and we have had several other wonderful breeds since; but our Scotties remain our favourites.

  32. I named my very first Scottie TIBBIE after my great-great-great grandmother Isabella Stewart. While reading a Robbie Burns poem (O Tibbie, I Hae Seen The Day), I discovered that Tibbie is the Scottish diminuative for Isabella.

    I named another Scottie EMMA for Emma Peel of the Avengers.

  33. Our irreplaceable Angus died in October. A new little guy will join us in August. We are considering Fergus. (Fearghus)

  34. Our little Liberty Belle turned 2on the 4th of July, we call her Libby for short. I also am lucky enough to have her mother, Lady Gracie Anne, and her father, Georgie Porgie. Back in January we acquired a sweet little blond boy, Henry Bigglesworth. They are such a happy little clan, they get lots of attention and people always make lovely comments about their names.

  35. Our oldest scottie, a female, who just passed away this past spring after 14 wonderful years was named Brichen (pronounced bricken) and our youngest, another female, is named Macie

  36. Our female scottie was named Dixie….she was a southern belle. Our current scottie is a male and I named him Pippen after the Chicago Bulls basketball player, Scottie Pippen. And Pippen loves to chase basketballs…..go figure!

  37. My new girl is “Shylah”. She is my first Scottish Terrier and I can see her charm already after only one week.

  38. I have a lovely wheaten Scottie named Fergus, which suits him very well. I hope to have a Sealy soon to keep him company and I will call her Fiona. One of my students met a black and wheaten pair of Scotties, the black was called Pepper and the wheaten was called Macaroni, which I think is funny and unexpected.

  39. My little Scottie is Pippen, like the basketball player Scottie Pippen! It fits her too, she’s a little ball of fire!

  40. I had named our male Scottie MacTavish long before I got him! Of course, he does go by “Mac”, unless he’s in trouble (80% of the time! lol).

  41. My little guys name is Porter. he’s dark like the beer but in the light he is a little red and has some wheaten like foam.

  42. I have 2 Scotties now–MacTavish (Tavvy) and Mulligan–a rescue Scottie, so the name truly fits–as in the golfing term for a do-over! Scotties have the personalities I love!

  43. We had a Scottie who passed away a month before his 16th birthday. His name was Louie. His name fit him perfectly. Our new Scottie puppy is named Alex (after the beautiful Alexander Valley in California’s wine country.) Anyway, we like his name, but it is funny – after we got to know Alex’s personality, we soon learned he’s a “great communicator.” So, the name “Reagan” would have fit him well, too! We also call him Puppy Love. He’s a real love. He truly mended our broken hearts when our Louie passed away. SCOTTIES ARE WONDERFUL!

  44. Ruggles is 5.5 years old, and maintains residences in the Tudor City area of Manhattan and Westhampton Beach NY (with a fenced back yard and periodic deer to terrorize). He’s well known in his Tudor City neighborhood, and seems to suit the name Ruggles very well.

  45. Just got a scotty, named her Connie ‘McCloud’ after the Highlander who was Scottish. Would have been Conner ‘McCloud’ if it was a boy.

  46. OK, I couldn’t resist adding my Scotties names. The names with an * have passed on unfortunately.

    Duffie (F)*
    Brindy Sue (F)*
    Connor (M) *
    J.B. (M) *
    Dandee (M) *
    Jamima (F) * My favorite name
    Angus (M)
    Ginger (F)
    Matie Mae (F)
    Mr. MacBean (M)
    Duncan (M)
    MacDougall (M)
    Ceile (F) * Pronounced KayLee

  47. Wicket. We tried all the Scottish names, including geographical locations in Scotland – talk about melting pot: Caladonia, Pictland, settled by the Irish then the Norse, invaded by the Saxons, walled off by the Romans…Firth of Forth and Annan…it’s mind numbing.
    WICKET! He’s cute and fiesty and it suits him.

  48. As someone else previously stated, I also will never live without a Scottie.

    (I now have my rescued Scottie, Glen as noted in a previous post.) Glen is a miracle rags-to-riches story. I got him last year from an elderly man who neglected and beat him, or so it seems. The old man was going to take Glen to the pound. Thank God I found this out and adopted him immediately!

    I couldn’t love anyone more.

    I love how Scotties sit down to eat, how they use their growl in lieu of a bark, how their hair sticks together in pieces, and when they sleep on their backs in the crook of your shoulder.

    I miss my first Scottie, Tosh, every day. He was beautiful, lazy, and spoiled but ever loyal and protective of me while I grew up…

    …all that and he only bit two people in his 12 years…not too bad for a Scottie, eh?

    Tosh and Glen. Great names.

  49. We have a male, Apolo, a black beautiful and strong dog as the Greek God and Jolie, a wheaten female always spreading joy.

  50. My childhood scottie was Pawky, which means artful and sly, and we new folks with two named Whiskey and Moonshine. We’re picking up our baby this weekend who is currently Lorna, but I’m not sure it’s going to stick.

  51. I have 5 scotties now Lorna, Alice ,Sassy(came with this name as a rescue) and the new boys NIgel and Ian as well as the late great Hannah

  52. I can’t believe there’s another Brodie! Ours is a girl, though. Brodie MacDonald (my family’s clan). We found her at a rescue, which had found her at the pound all matted and unrecognizable as a Scottie. After a nice bath and haircut, lo and behold, a little Scottish Terrier! She is everyone’s friend. Even our cat Martin, who tried to resist her charms for about a month, failed and can’t get enough of our bearded lady!

  53. The very first Scottie I encountered (and the one which began my love affair with both the breed and her owner) was Aimie. She was named for the character on one of the David Frost shows, The Lovely Aimie McDonald.

    Our Scotties since then have been called Glennie, Meg(crossed the Rainbow Bridge about a month ago) and Fidget, the wicked wheaten. People who meet Fidget comment that she is very aptly named, but in fact she was named for a Scottish Country dance called Fidget and was in any case named before she arrived.

    Our extended family has had Scotties named Elli, Amy and Lucy.

    Our social Scottie group has (or has had) Scotties called: Jack, Jock, Jamie, Zoe, Rosie, Storn, Archer, Addison, Sadie, Ceilidh, Kalli, Poppet, Sima, Bonnie, Fraser, Fergus, Taffy, Misty, Moppet, Belle, Diesel, Bridie, Morris, Maisie, Isobel, Hamish, Monty, Harry, Mac, Skye, Kiltie, Lochie, Dotty, Annie, Murray, Jessie, Bertie, Bessie, Baxter, Jeannie and Cottie.

  54. I named my scottie Fergus and the other one was named Bruno. I just felt those were the perfect names. Actually you can even guess which one is Fergus and which one is Bruno 🙂

  55. My new Scottie puppy’s name is Tegan Rose. She is named after two of the Doctor’s(Who)companions.

  56. I have 2 Scottie madams; Emma and Casely, they are 8 and 7. They are the heart and soul of our family.. couldnt imagine my life without them! We are going to be getting 2 more pups this year and we are going to call them Askye-Raine and Bailey-Rose.
    Scotties are the most loving, wonderful, heart warming and brave dogs; I would never have another breed.

  57. My first scotties were my girls Brook and Brie. Then there was precious Kipps. When I lost her, I was inconsolable so we found my new best girl, Piper. I will always have a scottie!

  58. My Scottie’s name is Tartan. I wanted his name to symbolize in some way Scotland’s magnificent and colorful history.

  59. Our home and family will always include a Scottie or two. Names we have used; Maggie,Haggis,Dickens and Beckett.
    I love some of the names listed here…hmmm food for thought!

  60. Hello Everyone; I have just found your site while searching for a suitable name for my new Scottie Boy; some great names mentioned;My first Scottie passed away several months ago Named Miss Molly, 10 years old. My Friend called her,s Honey who recently passed away; and the other Harriet; which is a great name for a Scottie; I shall use it if i can manage to find a female;the others I have heard of are; Monty,Dilli,Cambell, Frazer,Baxter, George,Wallace,Bracken, My two Westies are named Hamish and Lucy. Thank you so much for a great Web-Site;.

  61. Ainsley; although it didn’t match her gender it described her love of the outdoors and her view of the yard from our back door.

  62. Our girl is named Mary Beatrice; although, we always call her Beatrice or Bea. She wears a large rhinestone “B” on her red collar. Very fitting.

  63. Groovy is one good name! It could be after his grrrrroovy style and amazing silent grrrrowl if feels uncomfortable on your knees..:)

  64. Our first Scotty is named Jibboo…from a Dr. Suess line: “What would you do if you met a Jibboo?…” (From his book ‘Oh The Thinks You Can Think, If Only You Try’) He has made it all his own and is the best dog ever! Prior to landing on his final name, we were calling him “Mr. Schnizbit”…as a Scottie’s demeanor does some how command a “MR” or “MISS” when being addressed! We also have a female that came with her name, Megan, which has since morphed to ‘Meggie-mo’…or just ‘Megs’. Scotties are the Best!

  65. My grandmother has had three Scotties: Blackie, Annie, and Bonnie. She’s pretty much obsessed with Scottish Terriers, and 8 years ago she got my family hooked when she bought us one for Valentines day (Grandpa wouldn’t let her have two, but she just couldn’t resist buying one!)Her name is Buttons (named for her cute, button-shaped nose). She is such the little princess around the house, and I can’t imagine life without her sweet bearded face, her fat little paws, her cocky little strut, or her wonderful personality. I’m in college, and as soon as I move somewhere that allows pets, I’m getting one for myself!

  66. Female Scottie name- Stuka
    The famous plane had only one female passenger in her triumphal tour across the United States — the aircraft’s mascot, Stuka, a Scottish terrier that came aboard in England. Purchased in a London pet store by co-pilot James Verinis, the Scottie accompanied the crew to every one of Belle’s tour destinations. Stuka dined on filet mignon almost daily.

  67. My one year-old Westie is called Candy. We thought she would be really sweet. But she’s a real terror !

  68. My precious black boy (scotty) is named “Eyebrows” and all who meet him feel it is a most appropriate name. His formal name is: Sir Eyebrows of Ross.

  69. Our Scottie is called Dougie…a good scottish name for an irish dog although many think he’s called after dougie howlett the all black rugby player we’ve adopted in Munster 😉

  70. My wee lad is named Cluny.

    Cluny McPherson, was the Chief of Clan Chatten … and my grandad always called little kids Cluny.

  71. I just got a Male Scottie puppy who is 9 weeks old. I named him Blake Kendrix which both are scottish. My 1 yr old female Westie is named Cotton Kenzy. I call her Kenzy.

  72. I have a new best friend named "scout" . I lost my "crispien" last summer – still miss him!

  73. I know scotties are regal dogs and fancy names fit them, but I chose to name mine for his personality, ROWDY. And he definately is!

  74. Lesley said…
    We named our 11 year old scotties a male and a female (cousins actually) Mackenzie (kenzie ) the male and Bonnie the female. Have been brought up in South Africa and are the greatest dogs ever

  75. We just got a Socttie puppy in April he is 6 mos. old now. I wanted to name him Kipper after the dog my grandparents had when I was a child. However, my own daughter did not like that name. I also suggested Winston or I also like Emmett (after my granfather). My daughter begged me to let her name him and of course I did! His name is Reilly and it does fit him well! I just love this little boy, he is wonderful! I also have a 100lb Black Lab named Bear. He is not over weight he is just all muscle, (because we exercise him regularly) and he and Reilly get along terrific!! It is like the odd couple! We all love watching them play! So now I call him Reilly boy when I call him.

  76. Reilly, has a strut to and my mother refuses to call my anything but Mr. Beazley. She thinks that's what he looks like a Mr.

  77. Margaret said…
    I loved the children's book 'Wee Gillis' so named my first black male Scotty Gillis. Now I have a white female named Olive. It's a family thing.

  78. My Scottie's name is Maxwell Francis Scottie. Francis is after St. Francis of Assisi. Anybody who is a friend of animals and the environment is a friend of mine.

  79. My first scottie was called Aaron MacLaren, and he was called Mac–what a wonderful boy he was! When he was seven we added a female scottie and called Dunraven's Yount Tosha, but we just called her Tosha, as in Mac 'n Tosh….isn't that cute? While Mac knew he was a Dog, Tosha always knew she was a person. My third scottie was registered as Caledonia's Celtic Darling, and she was called Callie. She was a spitfire and won the showdown with a Bulldog, who never barked at her or came down to the fence line when she walked by after she stood her ground against him (there was a fence between them but I don't think she needed it). My fourth scottie was a rescue. I'm so glad I learned about rescuing scotties, as I will do that from now on. She came with the name Sassy, but I just couldn't call her that, so she was named Halley, for Halley's comet, because she sailed across the yard when she was happy or sighting a rabbit. She was so close to my heart and she left this world on July 22nd this year. Two years ago we adopted another rescue scottie, to have a "spare" when Halley left (she was diagnosed with liver disease and I did get her an extra year with medicine and loving care). Harry was from a puppy mill and I've had an education with what that does to dogs. He's a sweetie and Harry suits him perfectly. We're adopting another resuce in a couple of weeks, but this time it will be a golden brindle little boy. This will be my first brindle. We are struggling to come up with a name. I'm reading these postings for inspiration.

  80. Our Cairn was put down yesterday sadly(maggie) but Angus our scottie's still going strong. If we geta puppy she'll be Mrs. Morag McGonnagal. Some other names that are so magnificent(in my mind)

    Arabella Figgs (ara or figgy for short)
    Caldwagger (Wags)
    Morag McGonnagal
    Dixie Dumbledore

  81. Our first Scottie which we truly loved and lost too soon at age 9 was named Higgins, Mr Higgins as everyone called him, his entire name was Higgins Tyler McIntosh,he started our love for Scotties. We now have Madison McKenzie (Maddie)the matriarch of the family, she will be 10 in November, Donovan McTavish, we call him Donovan,he's our big boy at 32lbs and will be 9 shorlty and our newest addition whom we adopted through the Tennessee Scottie Rescue, a wee Wheaton now almost two years old we named Marley Carrigan, we call her Marley, she is a joy and fits in so perfect, we are so lucky to have her. We will always have Scotties they ROCK!

  82. Our female wheaten scottie is named Nessa, often called naughty Nessa, Nessa doodle, Mrs Mouse. The male is MacGregor, also called Greg, mister and boy. We have had a Meggie, Putter and MacKenzie.

  83. We have a 1 1/2 year-old Scottie named MacDuff, but we call him Duffy. It means, "dark". 🙂 He's a sweetheart and a goof, and he loves to cuddle. He has always (since 8 weeks) layed on his back on my lap and slept. Fully grown he doesn't fit as well, but still lays fully sprawled on his back on my chest and belly. Great personality!

  84. Our Scottie just turned 11 ….we named her Lady Bear McGregor and call her "Mackie". She has been the best dog ever…everything you read says that Scottish (Terriers) are not good with children…but, Mackie couldn't be better with them!

  85. I got a Scottie pup last week…I've always wanted one and now I've got him! He is Wheaten and his name is 'Sunny' I got the name from his pending registered name 'Shine Sunny Dynasty'. He is a big baby and a total WUSS! He is scared of cars (thank God!), Rodents/coons, and dogs! He'll run behind me and give a little half bark. I don't mind but I find it funny that he is completly contrary to the standard Scottie personality.

  86. Well let'see, we had a Cairn named Maggie, what a joy she was. And we have a Scottie named Angus. But… in Spring we're getting a little westie named Wee Jock of Boulder, call name would be Jock or Wee Jock. Aren't dogs wonderful!?

  87. Ribbons is our first Scottie, the most beautiful Wheaton boy. Now 13 and recently diagnosed with cancer, his unswerving desire to express love for life guides us humans to a better place. Our second boy is Aston, a stocky black/silver brindle who loyally protects us all. Scotties for ever.

  88. My 9 month old Westie is named Haggis, his house mate Is Molly, She is a Westie/Poodle and is 15 months old.

    They love to chase each other thru the house and bark at the squirrel outside the window

  89. Our Scottie is Mr. Hamish MacBean (himself). Therefore, like my wife and I separately, Hamish is qualified to wear the Ross plaid.

  90. Our beautiful, loving, funny and character-ful Black Scottie is called


    We got him on Robert "Rabbie" Burns Day, in Edzell, Angus, Scotland. He is the most "couthie" (loving) wee 'dug' in Scotland! He only likes to be cuddled for a minute then wants to be put back down! He is 13 but acts like a puppy – he is still daft!

  91. Have just acquired scottie number nine. She came with the name Bella. It fits her. My other scottie names: Alfie, Kendall, Kelly, Bruis, Geordie,Carys, Kendra and Daisy. You can never enough scotties!

  92. Our Scotty is Finnegan Mcalistair McClenny. Our westie girl is Fiona Mackenzie McClenny. Fiona means white, so that works well with our Westie. They love each other, and play all day. Both are rescues, and have made our lives so full, even the cat approves!

  93. Two ladies – "Murie" which is the phonetic pronuncation of "Mary" in West Virginia and "Kendall"

  94. My little girl is named Siobhan. I wanted a gaelic name for her. Lately though, more often than not, she's called Piddle because that's what she does best, piddle. She's a sweetie!!

  95. Our little Scottie girl started out as Molly, which quickly got shortened to "Moo". We often refer to her as "the Moo" or Princess Moo…she even has a collar with rhinestones that says Moo

  96. Oh Jeeze… I should have checked the list, but I didn't. I have new rescue. He had been named 'Porsche' (I assume he had been abused in other ways as well) and ended up with Scottie Rescue. I took him on and, instead of trying to live with it, I re-named him Tre' – Gaelic for three because he is my third. I'm struggling with it – it hasn't been the thrill I imagined. My last Scottie, also a rescue, came named Casey and, even though I was called to task for a Scottie with an Irish name, I let it stand. He is still missed. I'll get a picture of the new fellow off to you – he's a real sweety – very unlike Casey.


  98. We have a sweet girl scottie named Rubysredslippers, aka Ruby. Our male, who crossed the rainbow bridge last December was Robbie's Little Ripple, aka Ripley, we all miss him dearly.

  99. Here are three great names for three great Scotties I have had, all named after towns or areas in Scotland btw…

    Stirling (Scottish spelling with all i's, no e)



  100. Our five year old Scottie is named Minerva McGonnagall for the character in the Harry Potter books and is called Minnie for short. Because Mc means something (I forget what) in AKC nomenclature, she is "officially" Minerva MacGonagall on her papers. She was the first AKC Minerva McGonagall in the US!

  101. We have three scotties, a black male, Albert (Pujols), a black female, Kinser (Steve), and a wheaton female, Sandy (Kofax). We love their names and always stick with sports names.

  102. My Scottish was Willy. He was a rescue and came with the name…he was named after "Grounds keeper Willy" on the Simpsons. Once he came to his forever home he was called William, much more fitting for the Scot. His nicknames included: Willy Wonka, Boo Boo (because he played with the neighbor dog, a black shepherd mix named Yogi), and Baby Bear because he resembled a bear when he need a hair cut. I miss my little man! He was one of a kind, but I will have more Scotties in the future!

  103. Our male black Scottie is named Gatsby, and our female Wheaton Scottie is Daisy. Daisy and Gatsby together forever! Get it?

  104. A colleague at work has a Westie named Gatsby.

    I'm not sure that I approve of the happy ending for Daisy and Gatsby, though. Isn't the whole point that it can never be?

    Does Daisy shun Gatsby?

  105. My Scottie girl is Stella. She came with the name when I adopted her from the local SPCA but it just fits her, and I always said how could I change it since she comes running when I call Stellllla?

  106. i had a Westie named Hamish, however i later nicknamed him Mr Magoo which suited him much better and was not so common 😉 I am currently on the waiting list for a beautiful scottie from Mucklewags and am working on the name. It will be a boy, currently i like the name Murray.

  107. My first Scottie was Mollie. (for Paul Molitor, yes, we are Brewers fans)
    Second was Beau. Beau Jeste, and some said Bojangles but he really became Beau Beau.

    They lived over 13 yrs, and 12 yrs. respectively.

    Hope to have another Scottie to love in time.

  108. Our boy passed away last September after 12 wonderful years. His full name was Makenzie's Ian MacGregor, and we called him Ian. He was a gem, and had the most amazing personality. We miss him dearly.

    A new Scottie pup should be coming to our home in a month or so and this site has been a joy to explore.

    We like the names Angus, Finley, Putter and Malcolm. Won't know until we meet the little guy. Can't wait!

  109. I've had two scotties in my time. Bute (Isle of Bute) and Elsa, I did want to name her Iona after another Hebridean Island but I was overruled, lol.

  110. Our Westies' names include: Laddie Nicholas Andrew, MacTavish Stewart, MacPherson Skylar and MacFindlay Symon.. maybe next will be MacKenzie Storie – all boys!

  111. My wife and I had Chester McDuff for 3 1/2 joyful years. We were lucky enough to adopt this perfect Scottie and have countless memories of him and how wonderful he was.

    On June 3rd, he passed away. Now there is a huge hole in our lives.

    I think Chester is a most dignified name for a Scottie

  112. Our Scottie boy is called Argyll (MacLean), like the socks and sweaters, and everyone just love his name!

  113. My girls are named HyJynx Lassie ("Jynx") and Brunswick Mackenzie (our clan – "Wicky" for short). I came up with Brunswick because little scotties look like mini-bowling balls with legs – hence Brunswick bowling alley as the namesake. My dad and step-mom are looking to adopt a scottie girl atrociously named "Woopie." This will NOT do for a Scot! They are looking at changing that to a more proper scots-name like one of the following:
    # Bonnie (beautiful)
    # Kenzie (fair)
    # Ginny
    # Molly
    # Effie (well-spoken)
    # Ailie (noble)
    # Nessie (holy)
    # Duffie (black)
    # Gillie (servant of Jesus)
    # Keavy (kind, tender)
    # Fergie (first choice)
    # Roddy (famous)
    # Daly (advisor)
    # Garvey (from a rough place)
    # Sweeny (little hero)
    # Dodi (give)
    # Jory (earth worker)
    # Quigley (maternal)
    # Audley
    # Paisley
    # Astley
    # Lassie
    # Flaherty
    # Cassidy
    # Lumley
    # Cauley (relic)
    # Tory (conqueror, victory)
    # Mysie (pearl)

  114. I named my year-old Scottie female after Ares, the god of war, because she's such a spitfire.

    Her name has since degenerated into Wheezie or Weasel, depending on what silly cute thing she's doing.

  115. My two scotties are Ruby and Roxie. They will be getting a baby sister in a couple weeks and am thinking about the name Fiona (Fifi), but think I'll wait till she gets here to see if it fits. Can't wait!

  116. I think the all time best name for a female scottie is: "Nessie" I have already used it for my last Scottie so can't do it again. My current female is named "Caledonia" but answers to "Callie."

  117. My dog is called Mac. My horse is called Kyle (as in Kyle of Lochalsh). Scottish names are sooo cool!

  118. we lost our scottie mom and son 2 years apart, Berkeley and Duncan were our greatest joy since we have no children. looking forward to August 30 when we get our new male scottie puppy, thinking of names and so hard to decide. How does Buckley sound? if I could get 2 I would name them sreph and otis as I am a florist and it's a lovely blossom.

  119. Our 10 year old Scottie is called 'MacBeth', yes after the play. The most placid scottie we've ever had! He was trained to walk off the lead as a pub and now never goes on the lead. People always like to put their hand down for him to go up to them. He trots straight towards them, then straight past them. Very embarrassing, but he's more interested in the smells than anyone else! Nicknames he goes by are N'aa'styman, poohbear, booppaman. He loves to watch TV and talks when ever he's excited!

  120. Our little girl is Miss Moneypenny. My husband is a big James Bond fan & we named her after Q’s secretary who has a crush on James Bond. We call her Moneypenny or just Money for short, it seems to fit her personality & people like her name & many recognize where it come from!!

  121. I have 3 Boys
    Scottie – 3 yrs old, Brindle
    Larry – 2 1/2 yrs old, Wheaten
    Bear – 2 yrs old, Black

  122. We have named our female scotty Izzy after a famous British engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The name could also be adapted to fit a male terrier as well.

  123. Just had a thought………my name would be very good for a Scotty. Its a traditional Scottish name and relates to the Scottish Isle, Ailsa Craig. Ailsa means “Noble and Cheerful” but it is also used to Anglicize Ealasaid, the Gaelic form of Elizabeth.

    I am from Aberdeen in Scotland so my wee “Aberdeen Terrier” Izzy, is a very fitting dog for me!

    1. Hi Ailsa just read your post from Sept 2010…I have a little westie names Ailsa and exactly that after Ailsa Craig…..she suits the name too!
      I am in Michigan, US but originally from Glasgow Scotland

  124. scottish female name . my dogs .- mia ,luna, bonita ,señorita,cielo.

    scottish male . mi dogs .- firulais .trico. sam. horacio. piedra negro

  125. First Scottie in my house was a female and named “Aberdeen Dundee” – named after two towns in Scotland – Incidentally, my uncle had the same name – though the two dogs were unrelated and had no connection.

    My Scottie Sister is named “Ainsley McKenna” However, it has been suggested by people she has met that she be renamed to “Beelzebub.” I don’t think Beelzebub is Scottish, though it is appropriate in her case.

  126. Our Raven was formally named Diana, That Spencer Girl, as we received her during the time the tragic loss of Princess Diana. We called her Raven becasue she was blue black, like a raven.

    My first girl was Kelley.

  127. Hi,

    We named my brindle girl Mamie after former first Lady Mamie Eisenhower…the dogs’s eyebrows looked like Mamie Eisenhower’s tiny bangs The name suits her perfectly.

  128. Our first THREE Scotties were all named Beardsley — because of course, the beard! Then I found An’GUS and he broke the cycle. He came with his name, and we called him GUS as a nickname. He was that one soulmate in a canine body, that appears in your life, if you are really lucky. On Dec. 27, 2007, we had to return him to God. But he is safely tucked in my heart. Now we have Christmas Magic, Elliott Monroe and Roger Braveheart. Roger was named after our beloved vet, who took such good care of An’GUS that I could have him one last Christmas. An’GUS was 11 — would have been twelve if he had survived another month.

  129. We named our brindle scottie Desmond after the scottish character on lOST 🙂 Aside from that we thought it was a very stately name for a scottie. It is also fun calling him Dez or Dezzie Doo!

  130. We named our last little girl–she’s been gone a year and we still miss her every single day–we named her “Mary, Queen of Scots.” We discovered, as she grew, that “Mary, Queen of Pinheads” might have been more appropriate. 🙂

  131. We named our Scottie Friday–it’s always Friday in our house. (I should also mention she’s female so… she’s our Gal Friday.)

  132. How on Earth did I overlook THIS thread … ??!!
    My first Scottie (adopted) was named McTavish.
    My second Scottie was Clyde MacGregrrrr, and his Westie companion was Bonnie Dundee.
    My third and fourth Scotties are Sherlock Bones, and Watson MacFurrrrson!
    (and, no – I don’t have a favourite – I loved/love them ALL!!!!)

    1. I knew a dear little Westie called Whiskey, who was the owner of a good friend over the years and her husband’s (now they do own us, wouldn’t you say, just like those dogs and pups in that loveable story ‘A Hundred and one Dalmations’). Whiskey is greatly missed by his pets and myself. Knowing I won’t see him again makes me very sad. He carried his name with great dignity.

  133. We named our brindle Scottie “Fergus MacDuff”. Our black Scottie was named MacAllister and we called her Calli.

  134. I have a Westie who is 10 years old and called her Ailsa (Ailsa Craig island), she just LOVES the birds (lol) and my Scottie who is 9 years old we named her Nessie (Loch Ness Monster) black as black could be with a reddish chest when the light catches her. We thought she suited the name to a T.

  135. Here is another name for your list.
    My little two year old girl Scottie is called “Heddy”
    which means Battle; female warrior.
    Very appropriate name for a Scottie because
    she certainly fears nothing!

  136. Growing up we had a McDuff, two Duffy-dogs, a Fala, and a Scruffy. So McDuff is now a banned Scottie name in our family. My brindle boy is named Dougan (the neighbors love to call him Dougie Howser and we call him all sorts of non-sensical nicknames). My parents’ wheaten boy is named Sprocket (like the dog from Fraggle Rock) and mostly goes by Sprocket-Rocket, since he bounces off walls and furniture when he gets excited.

  137. Trish how cute…..I have read about so many “cool” names for both breeds I would need to have mega dogs to use them.. Seriously though it is good to hear what other people think and find appropriate for their “scottie and westie”.
    Thanks to all for sharing.

  138. Love this blog 🙂
    Our female Scottie is named Bailey, and our male Westie is named Jaeger. Loves of my life!

  139. You have 4 scotties just now – wow what I would do with 4, sometimes it is enough having a scottie and westie never mind 4 scotties. Love the names…sometimes our scotties ears stick out to the side and we call her “eeyore” with her sad eyes and ears, she melts our heart. Our westie is pretty darned sweet too not to leave her out…just different!!

  140. My three previous westies were named HEATHER, NEWTON and SKYE, and my present westie is named ARCHIE. I had two scotties named MAC and CHAUCER. Am soon getting a rescue scottie and cairn mix and am trying to decide on a name – WINSTON is a possibility.

  141. Winston sounds good – a scottie and cairn mix is bold….we had an airedale named Skye and before we immigrated to Canada we had a cairn we called her dusty – she was our first and only intro to pet shop/puppy mill never ever again. She had so many problems and we worked through most she ended up blind and passed away in her sleep when she was 5 – 6 years old love cairns fiesty character just like the scottie.
    Happy Happy with your new family member

  142. Our precious little bundle of scottie energy is named “Biscotti”. We couldn’t possibly love him more!! Every where we take him people LOVE his name!

  143. Biscotti, love that name!!! So of many of the pet names listed here are so perfect for these breeds!
    I just had to comment on the pet store/puppy mill topic. We bought our Westie from the pet store I worked at for a while. (I moved to a huge town from a very small one, and had never seen/heard much of pet stores before. Trust that now I know things I wish I didn’t). He came to the store at eight weeks old, and by four months of age he was still there! My poor baby spent two months in a kennel! (It turned out that he had Demodectic mange, and any potential parents were scared away.) Of course the owners of the store did not bother to take him to the vet to find out what was wrong, even with the redness and hair loss. They were fine with the vet they hired to come out once a week and pretty much just check for a pulse, to check him and say he was fine. Long story short, no one wanted my poor baby because of a (mysterious, at the time, until I took him to a real vet) hereditary condition that should have never been allowed to be passed on. They were going to send him back to the “breeder” and I was scared to death of what would happen to that sweet boy. I took him home that night, quit, and have never been more pleased with a decision in my life.


  144. My scotttie boy (Angus) and my westie boy (Ozzie) are asking Santa Paws for a fenced-in yard. If that happens I will get another scottie and name him Magee.

  145. My little black bearded laddie is Tavish Conan McLaren. “Beloved Wee Doggie” with my great grandmother’s Clan name. And no, it’s not MacTavish. 🙂 Simply Tavish or Tav works for him. The name suits him just fine as he’s flopped on his back snoring at the moment and spoilt rotten. Yes, I know pet shops are horrid… but I can’t help but be so very happy he’s in my life now. After going through a very traumatic time in my life where I had decided that living wasn’t worth it and was going to give up, I happened walked past the shop we had gotten our Sadie (An American Cocker Spaniel who had just died as well) from, and there was a little black fuzzball sitting there watching me. Being a Scottie lover since I was a little girl, I had to go see him. He tried to claw his way out of his pen to get to me, frantic, and even nipped at other people that wanted to see him. When I got him, he snapped my glasses off my face and dropped them on the floor, knowing that I wouldn’t leave without them. I walked out that day with my best friend, and I really wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s almost two, and he’ll still, very gently, take my glasses off my face when he doesn’t want me to leave for work.

  146. My wee gal is Fig. Yes, Fig. Her full name is Figment O’ My Imagination, but she has other names as well. At mealtimes its Fig the Pig. When she’s being obstinate (in other words – a Scottie), its Figmonster. Sweet girl – its Figgie. And when she takes her naps in the Figpen, she sleeps on her back. She’ll be 7 months old this week. Her sisters are Piper and Olive (a mini Schnauzer and Rat Terrier respectively), and her reluctant cat brother is Bubba.

  147. I went through all of the names and did not fine one
    Scottie with the name KILTIE, I love that name and cannot
    believe there is not one Kiltie name out of all I read.
    Let me know if you know of another KILTIE, we call
    him Kiltie boy…….

  148. The greatest dog I’ve ever known was Christmas Snowflake Obsidian, a female Scottie. She crossed over three years ago, and not a day goes by that I don’t think of her. We called her “Sid” for short.

    I now am the human of Dawson Aloysius, a six year old Scottie I rescued. He was already named Dawson. I added the Aloysius.

  149. Our first boy was McTavish. Our first girl was Killean. Our second girl is Skye; second boy is Angus; third boy is Bailey.

  150. My first girl was Maggie Mae and she was my everything. After she crossed over, my Bree picked me and she is now 4 yrs old

  151. Our precious girl walked to the rainbow bridge Dec 23,2010. She was named Annabelle Leigh for Edgar Allen Poe’s poem of the same name. Miss Annie for short. She leaves behind her humans and Scotty cousin, Miss Lillian. She joins two brothers, MacIntosh and Mr. McGregor. She had the most beautiful brown eyes I had ever seen in a dog, and the most endearing smile…….

      1. Thank you Trish. She was very special. We were lucky to have had such a special girl for ten years. Her liver failed after a lengthy illness. Even when you know it is coming, it is still hard to accept. Thank you for your kind words.

  152. The breeder gave my wee lass Sally but she would not respond to her name at all. So, I went on line and found some Gaelic names that I thought were appropriate. She chose Phoebe. It was the only name she would respond to. My other wee Scot is Maggie.

  153. I have just discovered this website – I have my first Scottish Terrier – a much awaited and longed for pet – He was always going to be ‘Captain’, don’t ask me why, but it suits him down to the ground. He is such a character, I can’t imagine life without him.

  154. Our Scottie was born just before Christmas and my wife named her “Holly”. She was born on 12/17/2005. The breeder kept saying she was born on 12 17 and those numbers seemed to mean something to me but I could not figure out what it was. We were on the way home when it hit me. 1217 is our house number. Holly was well connected to us right from the beginning.

  155. We have two beautiful girls nessie and bonnie (bo-bo) they are four years old and in seven weeks we are having a little wheaten boy we can’t wait! we love scotties we can’t decide on a name for him yet, but theres some great names on here…..

  156. I just named my 10 week old Duff…Scottish for black. His companion is Bruno (brown) a long-kaired miniature dachshound.

  157. Mine are litter mates Hamish & Ula (brother and sister). Hamish (James) and Ula (Gaelic for Sea Gem). Very sadly, just lost my boy. We are going to be meeting a potential new brother this weekend. Ula is 6 1/2 and this boy is almost a year. Considering Keegan (little fiery one) or Bradigan (spirited). Wish us luck.

  158. Our “Holly” was born just about a week before Christmas. My wife wanted to give her a christmasy name that still sounded a little Scottish. Well Holly was chosen. That is the whole name and sometimes “Hol” for short.

  159. My family have had Scotties for almost 30 years.
    Jock & Isla our two just now became proud parents on the 3rd May to 5 beautiful pups. Jock is black & Isla is wheaten, so we have 2 blacks & 3 brindles.
    Want to keep at least 2.

  160. What wonderful news very exciting. Have you advertised your pups, how do you find homes for them?
    Where do you live…I would love to see pictures.
    Hugs and kisses to proud parents and all the puppies…..

  161. We just lost our Best Little Buddy in the Entire Universe, Bonzi!
    He was so loved and will be missed forever : (…….

    1. R.I,P Bonzi – so Sorry Glenn – It is so hard to lose a pet, who has been a big part of your life – I hope people around you are understanding and consoling –

  162. Our first scottie was named Duncan & we got him from Scottie Rescue. Duncan was King of our castle for 5 wonderful years! We now have litter mates Ginger, a beautiful brindle female and her brother Raffa, who is jet black. They are about 5 years old and Ginger is a pistol! She likes to hide socks, doesn’t matter if they are clean or dirty! LOL ! We find them behind the pillows on the couch! Raffa, aka Raffie is laid back and very easy going! Ginger is in charge & Raffa just follows along! She is the Alpha female alright! These two are also from Scottie Rescue and are just delightful! We learned that their mother was from Argentina and their dispositions are just as happy as can be! With two scotties in the house there is never a dull moment!

  163. Donna that’s a wonderful story so happy for you and Ginger does sound a hoop glad they are so much fun and being brother and sister that they are together….
    Many many more happy years

  164. I am a third generation Scottie owner passing on my deep love of all things Scottie to the fourth generation (my 2-legged offspring)…

    My childhood Scotties were:
    Rascal (m)
    Paisley (f)
    Ainsley (f)

    My first Scottie as an adult was MacKenzie Galbraith (Kenzie) (m). He’s waiting for me at heaven’s gates after almost 13 amazing years. It’s been 8 months and I still see him out of the corner of my eye sometimes!

  165. from my list: (i’m getting a new puppy :))

    6. Girly Girl

  166. My choice would be Skye – love the name and we had an Airedale that we named Skye so a little bias…. Good luck in making a choice and very excited re puppy – love ’em

  167. Our girl is named Thistle. Everybody loves it and it certainly fits her although “Tick Magnet” may have been more apropos.

  168. I had the best little Scottie ever. Her name was Nessie Fiona. Everyone said she was the smartest little thing ever. She was so sweet, I mostly just called her ‘baby’. She passed away about 3 weeks ago at age 12. I miss her so much.

  169. I am sorry Kristine but hopefully you will find another Scottie…my girl is called Nessie she is 10 this year and I know what you mean about smart and how much I would miss her too…

  170. Hi I am getting my puppy ons satersday and have beeb thinking about names for a month now but can’t deside on a name so far i have got pippa, lilly and sophy that I really like!

  171. Hi I am getting my puppy ons satersday and have beeb thinking about names for a month now but can’t deside on a name so far i have got pippa, lilly and sophy that I really like! Werner south africa

  172. Stella is my sister’s name – but I don’t think she would mind – I also like Star – which has the same meaning – and I would seriously consider it when I finally get a second dog,

  173. In the 1990/2000s I had a brindle Scottie. His registered name was Beaugate Otto. I called him Humphrey – or Humph for short. Humph was a dignified character who would frequently retire to his bed with a little ‘hmph’ and a nod. His name suited him to a T.

    I now have a 14 week old black Scottie girl – she has soo much energy and is a right wee cheeky soul. My 10 year old named her Pepper.

  174. My little Scottie is named Kelsey. It’s a strong name that suits her perfectly. She’s cute and fiesty and is one of the sweetest dogs I know!

    1. Im very sadlly about to loose my scottie girl sophie she is nearly 16yrs old. I am totally heartbroken, true to her scottie nature she is loyal,stubborn,feisty she has a definet true scottie character. I can,t imagine my life without her. My darling hubby on valentines day after a good search about as been and picked us a new scottie girl she is only 4 weeks old and we go and pick her up mothers day , although she could never replace my gorgious girl sophie i am looking forward to a whole new begining. I,v been desperatly looking for a scottie girl name and seeing your name KELSEY i instantly new that WAS IT, So kelsey it is. thanks

  175. my beautiful little girl is two and a half and has the best name ever……OLIVE. shes my little black olive good enough to eat !

  176. My beautiful Scotties are Angus, since my clan won the battle of Angushire, Grey after my Great-great-grandmother Catherine Grey from Glasglow and Bobbi after Greyfriar’s Bobbi. My other puppies were Gomodor Grey, Thistle and Tweed.Their middle and last names are all Fowler Robertson.

  177. My new Scottie is called Kenzie. I know it means “White” but it suits her as she is black brindle with a large white blaze on her front. She joins our wheaten, Fidget.

  178. Unfortunately, Fidget is a somewhat descriptive name, especailly when we go to the vet and she won’t stay on the table!

  179. I certainly can relate to that -also – we go in tail wagging and we get a whiff and think ooops I am in the wrong place and head for the EXIT…..hilarious creatures absolutely adore them!!!

  180. The name of my one and a half year old wheaten Scottie is Boyd.
    Boyd is a Gaelic name and means “yellow-haired”, which matches very well together with the color of his hair.
    I also have a black Scottie, his name is Mike, six years old and just as adorable as my little blond guy.

  181. I have an adorable two years old Westie. His name is Artagan. Supposedly, it comes from an old Celtic name meaning bear or stone. This name suits my doggie very well. He looks like a little polar bear and he is stubborn like a big rock 🙂

  182. I have had Scotties for 36 years and have just recently lost my beloved 11 year old girl to cancer. Kirsty. But we are getting two boys end of the year. One will be MacTavish (the 4th) and we are thinking of going with Lord Byron for the second little chap. We have also had Tracy (1 & 2), Angus, Trisha, Jock, Kirsty (1), and Bonnie.

  183. Hi there,
    Had random and loved pound puppies all my life while growing up with parents, then I grew up and got married. I researched dogs and decided on what I wanted. Then apartment living…can’t have a dog. Buy a house, have kids, wait, wait, wait for the right time. I have wanted a Westie for over 20 years and now…and can you believe it…she’s three weeks old and will arrive 2 days before Christmas! Because of the timing to Christmas, I’m surprising my children with her, but she will be MY dog. LOL. I have a question for everyone…My grandmother and her entire family were originally from Scotland and then Nova Scotia then Boston. Her family name is MacBean (sadly it was anglicized in the US to Bain). I’m thinking of naming my pup after my Gram who is home with the LORD now. Is that totally disrespectful? My grandmother was Margart Mary Bain, so I am considering Margaret “Maggie” MacBean. If anyone taught me the value of family heritage, it was her. I even have her father’s tartan, which is why my other idea for a name is “Tartan”…the pup is our “Family Tartan”. Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks! Ali

    1. I’ve got to say my feelings are mixed on this one.

      I’m not sure I’d want someone naming their dog after me, but it wouldn’t cause me to turn over in my grave either.

      I think it depends on the person in whose honour this is being done. Would she have waned it? Are you sure?

  184. I think it is a lovely idea and not disrespectful at all. Your Grandmother was special to you and you have waited so long for a dog. Many people like to be named after pets, When my rabbit had babies a few of my friends asked me to name after them, so I had a rabbit called ‘helen’ which wouldn’t have been my choice but my friend was delighted. – I think as a call name, Maggie would be very nice or McBean, Bean for short.

  185. Ali – I think Maggie McBean sounds FABULOUS..being scottish myself I can relate to heritage and wanting to use a name that “really” means something special…I think your Grandmother would be very proud and thank you for remembering her so nicely…go for it!!! Congratulations on your new arrival.

  186. Hi Ali. I think you have a winning combination of names for your Westie and also think that your grandmother would be proud. A note of interest, I live in Tzaneen, Limpopo, South Africa.

  187. My first rescue Scottie girl was Rose…after Robert Burns
    “O, my Luve’s like a red, red rose,
    That’s newly sprung in June.
    O, my Luve’s like a melodie
    That’s sweetly play’d in tune.”
    My second rescue Scottie was Bonnie, again from the poem: “As fair as thou, my bonnie lass,
    So deep in luve am I;
    And I will love thee still, my dear,
    Till a’ the seas gang dry.”
    Now we have Molly, which has been shortened to Moo…..I catch myself calling her..”MOO! MOOOOOOO! Moo Moo!”…the neighbors must think I am nuts….

    1. My Scotty is called Robin (as in Puck, the naughty fairy from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream). My friends weren’t too impressed with my literary pretentions though, and everyone now calls him Batman. I think Batman actually fits him quite well with the black pointy ears 🙂

  188. I have 3 dogs 2 are scottish terriers and the 3rd is a westhighland. My scotties are called Morag and Isla and the westy is called Milly I wished to call her Flora, to keep up with the Scottish theme but my children said no way. When I was little we also had a scottie and he was called whiskey

  189. We have two male Scottish Terriers named Atticus and Orson.
    Orson after, who else—but Orson Welles; while Atticus was inspired by ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’.
    Atticus is a Roman name and means “Little father”, as I understand it. Orson is an old English name meaning “bear cub”.
    I’ve had three other Scotties before these 2 guys and they were named: Chekhov, Lincoln and—Chekhov yet again (my first Chekhov was attacked and killed by a Rottweiler when he was just 5 months old).

  190. Our Scottie girl is 10 months old. She is the first Scottie we have ever had, but will not be the last. We love her with all of our hearts. She was a gift for our 15 year old but she stole all our hearts quickly. My daughter named her Josey after her PaPaw Joseph who had passed away.

  191. We named or Scottie “Petey Allen” , Pete for short. As with all Scotties he is stubborn as heck, sometimes he won’t respond to Pete or Petey but when you say his whole name he knows you mean business. He is the most affectionate dog I have ever seen, but he is stand-offish to everyone but his mother or I.

  192. We named two of our females “Cubbie” as when they are pups they reminded us of little playful bear cubs. One official name was “Shady Lady ” and the other was “JJJBs Lickety-split GTO” She loved to lick people and she thought she was partly goat climbing always to the highest spot, and was always so fast at running so we remembered our favorite fast car..GTO

  193. My 18 month old Scottie is named Fergus. Our first Scottie, he was quick to learn; we hope to find a female and name her Fiona. What a pair they would be!

  194. We have a little boy called Haggis McNaughty, he is a real South African Scottie, loves chasing birds and insects, and he has a baby sister called, Lucy McNaughty, who thinks she is the queen of the universe – well, she is in our eyes and hearts.

  195. My 3 1/2 year old Scottie is Sir Oliver Mcpuddles Hughes…. He goes by Oliver when stubborn, but mostly he is my “Ollie” My mother recently lost her black schnauzer “Krissy” to cancer. Ollie and I miss her dearly. I can’t imagine a day without my Oliver …. My prayers are with my mother and her beloved Krissy!!

  196. I love the name Sir Oliver Mcpuddles…I have a friend who has a westie and his name is Ollie….sorry about your Mum’s Krissy…I just found out my Scottie Nessie can bladder cancer…we go back this Friday to have another ultrasound and some other test and check to see if the tumor has shrunk with the medication they gave us….we are hopeful. She is only 10 years old and has had good health so maybe that will help her……

  197. I left a comment on November the 8th. Sadly MacTavish drowned before we collected him but we were so lucky to find another breeder, so when we came home from holiday in December, we brought home 3 month old Murdoch and 2 month old Maggie Mae. What a joy they have been to us and each other as Murdoch was feeling the loss of his brother. Clearly though, Maggie Mae, for all her size, rules the roost.

  198. Hi Corinne, my heart goes out to you about MacTavish. Our little Princess Tam Tam drowned last year and I will never, ever be able to forgive myself for leaving a door open that is always kept closed. What is it with Scotties and water? Little Lucy makes a beeline for our (thankfully shallow) fishpond and splashed around in it like she is holidaying at the beach.

  199. Our beloved Scottie, who recently passed from this life, was a joy everyday for over 13 years. She was rescued from a certain life in a breeders house, this “pick of the litter” we named: Stormy. We would hope that someone would love that name and a Scottie to go with it. That Scottie “look” was with her until the end!

  200. My scottie is 2years old now. He’s like my pride and joy. His name is UILLEAM EANRAIG (HENRY) MARTIN EILIG. which is William Henry Martin of the deer pass… even though i live in city limits of a small town in Texas, the hill across from my house truly is the deer pass. Henry is such a ‘Henry’, I can’t imagine any other name for him.

    glad you have this blog. 🙂

  201. My first Scottie was Alfred (Alfie). Followed by Margaret (Maggie), Reginald (Reggie), his litter mate Archibald (Archie) and Oliver (Ollie). Future Scotties may be Alexander (Zander); Lucille (Lucy) and Annabelle (Annie). My Westies are MacDuff (Duffy) and Angel (Angie). Scotties definitely win out over Westies and I don’t think I’ll have more Westies.

  202. Back in the 60s my parents had a Scottie named, Whiskey.
    In the 70s Whiskey 2 came along
    and in 1985 Whiskey 3…. all great dogs but Whiskey 3 was top!

    So now I want a Scottie do I name him Whiskey too?

  203. i lost my first scottie to cancer a few years back and will never get over it…i loved my maggie so much. a true scottie attitude.. i now have katie and abracadabra (known as abbie). they are a handful and i love evry minute. would never be without being owned by a scot!!!

  204. My Scottie boy is named Amos, a true Scottish name. I also have a little girl named Audrey. I call them the “A” Team.”

  205. Loving all the Scottish names! My Westie boy is named Culloden after the sad battle and is Cu for short. He thinks it is very funny if we call him Kookie! Westies most definitely laugh.

  206. I like the name Culloden…too bad it is associated with as you say such a sad event..Cu is better…and westie are funny and quirky not sure about laughing..I have one of each Nessie the scottie and Ailsa the westie….they offset one another quite perfectly and I would have one of each again in a heartbeat!!!!!!!

  207. Atticus is my Scottie’s name. It seems to be universally liked. I have to agree, don’t think I will be able to top (or even match) it when the next one come along.

    1. Wow! Our Scotty is also named Atticus!
      Yes, we also find that most people quite like that name as well.
      It’s a Roman derivative from the root name, “father”; which perhaps explains its use for the character of Atticus Finch from, To ‘Kill A Mockingbird’.
      Our other Scotty is named Orson.

  208. @Ryan K: Our Scotty is also named Atticus!
    Yes, we also find that most people quite like that name as well.
    It’s a Roman derivative from the root name, “father”; which perhaps explains its use for the character of Atticus Finch from, To ‘Kill A Mockingbird’.
    Our other Scotty is named Orson (after Orson Welles…not Orson Bean!)

  209. I named my male scottie “Oliver” we call him “Ollie”…….it fits him perfectly!!! When he is being a bit stubborn(as we all know scotties can do)he goes by Oliver, but most of the time he is my Ollie!!!!!!!

  210. My first scotties , both past now were. Bonnie (female) and Clyde ( male).

    Since then we have had
    Lexi Lu
    CJ. Which his full name as our Stud dog is. Cj’s moneymaker our little skaliwag

    Now we are looking for a new female name

  211. Came across this site have had two boy Scotties one brindle that I named Macbeth who I called Mac for short and another boy who was black that I called Winston or Win. Winston recently passed away and am looking to get another black scottie if I get a boy looking to call him Duncan or Bailey if its a girl leaning towards Bella or Pandora (calling her Pandie for short).

  212. We had a westie named Chancie who was the princess of the house. She had a sister princess, a Scottie named Greta. They both passed away with cancer in 2010 & 2011. We now have TWO little “tom boys” named Ellie & Maggie. We call them the little “Tasmanian devils” because they are into everything! But we totally adore them!

  213. We’ve had 3 Scottie’s, and our home would not be as fun without them. We love those pups…….

    Spencer Nicholas MacDughan
    his mama Nicholette Suzette
    his daddy Rascal McRuckus

    Mazzie Mae
    her mama Maggie MacKenzie

    Lily Lexay McMae


  215. I had two westies, Dexter and Bridie, both were real characters – sadly no longer with us, but getting my new pup tonight, Kenny is on the list of names, concssion to my partner (Liverpool fan) along with Hamish and Dougal

  216. We’ve had (and still have) several scotties and, unintentionally to begin with, all their names begin with the letter “M”

    Madison Millie (Millie)

    I’m thinking that if we ever get another scottie, I will have to change the letter to the name as we are running out of choices lol.

    1. I can think of —
      If you ever get another and want to stick to M. I have Captain at moment and considering sticking to military or nautical names – although the next dog will be a bich – maybe next year – I do like Magic though.

  217. What about Alba for a girl (which in Gaelic means Scotland!) and Caille/Cale ( sort of shortened form of Calendonia)

  218. We tried to adopt a dog when our kids were young, and he didn’t work out (he needed a different type of owner than a hectic household like ours). So, I did research on the type of breed that would fit us best. When we decided on a Westie, we named him Mulligan, since he was a do-over, and I’m an avid golfer.

  219. My sister-in-law’s Westie is named Finnegan, and our neighbor’s Westie is named Rory. Both good names as well

  220. hello from new zealand, my 2 year old girl is called Abby, she is such a mischevious wee brat and i love her to bits, my first scotty was called jessie who passed away 2 1/2 years ago from spleen cancer, it still breaks my heart when i think of her, she was a rehome from a breeder here in NZ and was a very special lovable wee miss

  221. We rescued a three year old Westie girl, who came with a beautiful name, Cala. The man that loved her before us was from Scotland, and the word cala was the first part of his home town. Cala means , haven or harbor. We loved our Cala until she passed this year at fifteen and a half. We miss her so. A new Westie will ne arriving at our home soon, we hope to call her Bonnie.

  222. We named our little Westie Female ….. MacMurphy, She is named so because her bark comes out like Muuurf! I call her Murph, ther kids call her Fefe

    Ken, Jennifer and family (A family of proud Scots 😉 )

  223. Coming from a family where we must spell our names differently, I had to find a unique name for my scottie girl. I named her Lachlyn. Generally the name is used as Lachlan for a male but I loved it and just changed the spelling to be more feminine.

  224. My Scottie’s full name was Edinburgh. Eddie for short. He was such a good boy who loved long walks. Other names I though was Dundee, Inverness (Nessie for short), Skye. Aberdeen would be good for a girl’s name.

  225. My Scottie’s full name is Shawn Angus, he goes by Shawn only, perfect Irish name for a beautiful scottie with an attitude

  226. Our 3 year old Scottie is named Maizie Mai and we call her crazy Maizie…Love Love Love this breed! Will never have another!

  227. I am ready to pick up my 1st Scottie next week. She is a wheaten and I’m naming her Juna-June Bug-“Bug”…. I had a ball picking out a name. I already know what I want to name a black boy in our future, Caption Marly McCoy. Love that, my husband and I are sailors and Bob Marly fans.
    Too fun!

  228. I just lost my wee westie girl to liver failure. She would have been 12yrs in May. Her given name was Amy Fire Light, but she was mostly called Weemee or my Girly Girl. I miss her to bits. Going to see a wee boy westie soon. Thinking about Zak as a name.

  229. We have had 3 Scottish Terriers, so may I add ours to the list, as well?

    Spencer Nicholas Mcdoughan

    Mazzy Mae

    Lily Lexay McMae

    I can’t imagine my home without the prancy fancy, fun loving Scotty. They always make me laugh…..

  230. We just adopted a baby boy Scottie! We named him Sir Jock McMarley. Jock from the Scottie dog in Lady and the Tramp and a little tribute to the brilliant Bob Marley

  231. Picked up my beautiful wee boy Westie yesterday. We’ve decided on Araidh (pronounced ‘Arry)……Scottish Gaelic for “special” and he is.

  232. I got my very first scottie a week ago.. she is sooo cute, 9 weeks today.
    we couldnt think of any nice girl scottie names, so we decided to call her Mila.. (miella) 🙂

  233. I got my first Scottie (black-brindle) almost 3 years ago, and named him Lux, after Lux Interior, the lead singer of the The Cramps. 🙂
    Not a traditional ‘Scottie name’, I know, but it suits him, and it can also mean ‘light’. He’s definitely the light of my life! If I get Lux a lassie companion, I’ll name her Ivy. (Lux Interior’s life-partner and bandmate was Poison Ivy.) Reading the origins of everyone’s dogs’ names is so interesting! 🙂

  234. I got my first Scottie in 2007 and named her Kelli. She is 6 1/2 now and has been the most amazing dog. Unfortunately she is battling cancer but is teaching me to live in the moment. I enjoyed reading the previous posts, both sad and funny, reminding me that we all share a common love for Scotties!

  235. hello amy, im so sorry your girl is battling cancer, love her every moment she’s with you, i lost my first scotty to cancer and miss her terribly, she was a special wee miss with a big loveing heart, all the best my dear, give
    kelli a hug from me……heather

  236. Hi from New Zealand. we have just lost our wee darling scottie to cancer. he was 7 years old and a true delight, so very very loyal.His name was Baxter. our last dog was a scottie too, he was called Hamish. we are now thinking about another scottie puppy, as we would not have any other breed of dog.cheerss from NZ

  237. I have a 4 year old Westie named Kiley. She’s a sweet girl and loves to participate in Earth Dog Trials. She is my sidekick and goes everywhere with me. I can’t imagine my life without her.

  238. Many years ago, English lit major that I was, we named our Scottie Macbeth. Sadly, like
    Macbeth, he met a tragic end. He bit my baby on the head and we had to give him
    away – to a great home. I think it was tragic for me, because I missed him so.

    I’m hoping (40 years later) to get another Scottie in September. (I am working with a
    great breeder.) No terrible literary characters for me. This time it will be Scout or
    Atticus, two noble characters from To Kill a Mockingbird.

  239. I have two Scottys. My little boy is Egypt and my wheaten princess is Bailey. They are wonderful little dogs.

  240. We have our first Scottie who is 8 months old. We have called him Archibald Crumudgeon Haggis. Haggis for short.

  241. My scottie is named Cricket, what a talker, he chirps all the time. his full name is Jiminy Cricket, but cricket for short.

  242. my dogs name is cricket, black as night and chirps all the time, what a talker. His full name is jiminy cricket, but cricket for short

  243. I keep reading about Scotties that have died of cancer or battling cancer. Please Google “cancer and aspirin” and you will learn it stops cancer tumors from growing. I give my Scottie a baby aspirin twice a week, all Scottie owners should ask their vet about starting their dogs on as low-dose regimen. My dog’s forehead mole disappeared a month after taking aspirin. I wish all owners will consider this. I’ve had two Scotts die of cancer , never again.

  244. I had a scottish terrier for 14 years. He was a wonderful dog. I have always been a big Star Trek fan, so I named him after the character “Scotty” whose actual Star trek name was Montgomery Scott. We called him Monty. I still miss my boy and think of him daily.

  245. I have two (2) westies, My funny little boy, a rescue named Fergus and
    my little lady, Ruby Pearl, named because one gemstone just wasn’t enough!
    I have a rescue Bichon Frise, Lily Rose, also.

  246. My aunties scottie is called Minty. She is a girl and really suits it.
    She has been run over, and survived breast cancer.
    She really is a little “die hard”.
    She has made me scottie mad, my next dog will be a rescue scottie

  247. In the past 44 years we have never had any other dogs except Scotties. Once you’ve had the first one, you’re hooked!! Our beautiful male is called Billyboy and my adorable 8 week old baby girl is Betsy.

  248. How about a scottie named Cola that would be a good name my sister had a dog named Gizmo such fun names

  249. I had a scottie in South Africa as a child called ‘Scotty’.

    When I moved to Scotland, I had a wild boy called Jock and a small black scottie girl called Jamie.

    20 years later my daughter saved up for her own and we now have the sweetest boy called – SCOTT. The most appropriate name for any scottie boy. Also know as Mr Scott, Pigley (looks like a piglet when he does the mad run), Fluffo, Pigalu, smiley scott, stinky scott, scottyboy and so on.. He came from a scotty family of dad called archie, mum Maisie, Auntie Rosie, (my sisters name) Auntie Maggie,(my mum’s name) Uncle Hamish and Uncle Jack. Two of his sisters were called Mirren (my daughter’s name).

    I’m hoping to get him a lady friend, who will be called Jessie.

  250. Just read through all the posts – aaah the love of the rascal scottie dog!

    Some traditional (and now trendy) scottish family names from here in Scotland might inspire ..

    Lexy (for Alexandra)
    Zander (for Alexander)
    Eck (for Alexander) First Minister of Scotland’s nickname
    Cara – an island that grows potatoes
    Scalpay or Sconser or Harris (islands off Skye)
    Sandy (for Alexander)
    Billy or Liam (William)
    ‘wee’ Jimmy (James)
    Andy or Andra (glaswegian) or Drew for Andrew
    Tam for Tom/Thomas
    Rab or Bert for Robert
    Ming short for Menzies
    Murdo/ Magnus
    Katie (for Catherine)
    Lizzie or Betty for Elizabeth
    Jeannie/Jessie – very old Scots name for Jane or Janet

    Plenty more of the real McCoy if interested

  251. For the past 40 years we have never had any other dogs except Scotties. Our first boy was named Pookie by my little daughter, and when we got him it was love at first sight. Since then no other dogs have ever been considered good enough for us- we freely admit that we are addicted to Scotties! At the moment we have a “Royal” pair – Billy Boy was named after Prince William, and my baby, little Betsy, was named after his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth!

  252. I’ve had three wonderful Scottie boys in my life–Sir Edward McDuff (“Duffy”); Fyvie P. McPherson (“Fyvie”) and Brodie Datchett MacLaren (“Brodie”). All looked the same but all were so different in personality and had so much of it! What a wonderful breed!

  253. My four Scottie’s and any day a new litter of puppies. Annie , izzy , Lexi and CJ.
    They always put a smile on your day

  254. I used to have two female scotties named Molly and Lucy, but sadly they’re both gone. I now have two female scotties named Sophie and Bonnie.

  255. Our beloved boy is 11 yr old and his name is Totto McMuggins. We call hi ‘Mr. Muggins’
    We lost our 13 yr old ‘Annie Laurie’ a yr ago today .
    We are getting a Wheaton girl and so am really enjoying reading everyone’s posts. I immediately thought her name should be Bunny Or Lulu. Love the suggestions of Pearl and Abby too.

  256. My very first Scottie was named: Stonewall McTank!
    All my others were some what common names.
    Cleopatra, Bow Bownessa, Golden Girl aka Peaches & Cream, Elizabeth Sue, Prudence aka LuLu, Mia Minnie, Pocket Rocket, Mr. Watson, Wee Do Skeeter, Sharkey, Phoeby Baby, Peadar Pickles.

  257. We have owned Scottie’s since 1974 and my husband has owned them since he was a kid. We love our scotties but lost our little girl Tassie this summer, she was thirteen and had cancer. We still have her brother but he is also dying of cancer. His name is Barkley and he will be 14 in Feb. My husband says no more as it is too hard to lose them.

    1. Hi Joanne.

      My husband too, has owned Scotties since he was young, and when I married him 40 years ago, I fell in love with them too. We have only had Scotties ever since. We lost our last Scottie also to cancer two and a half years ago. I got a male and female a few months thereafter: Murdoch and Maggie Mae. Murdoch is the eldest by a month. They make a great team.

  258. We lost our beloved “Duffy” named McDuff after his father on August 7th 2013. I still can’t believe he is gone. He was our son’s little “brother” my husbands little “buddy” my little “baby”, and everyone’s friend. He was smart, funny and loving! And all Scottie! My guys say no more, this is our second. But I believe Duffy would want us to fill the hole left in our hearts. So someday soon I hope to find another bundle of Scottish love.

  259. Hi Cathy, we lost our beloved Baxter in May 2013. we thought, like you, there could never be another one, but in November , our breeder rang to say she had a 15 month old puppy. We couldn’t wait to get him, and since November Campbell has been the joy of our life, so you will get another scottie, I am sure. You feel you will never heal after losing your wee buddy,and your baby, but hang in there, it gets better. this is our 3rd scottie.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, I hope I will be that lucky! Last year I broke my back, then lost my job, car and home but Duffy was by my side “and walker” every moment, he followed and “protected ” me from room to room.. but loosing him has been the hardest of all my losses. I am walking again, working as much as I can, now renting a “home” someone drives me, now I save and search for our next wee scottie. Thank you again.

  260. Hi Cathy, such a sad time when we loose our babies. I lost my scottie girl to cancer and took me three years before I got another. I still miss my Jessie girl , you hang in there you will know when the time is right to get another scottie , but not to replace Duffy, you can never replace them but a new scottie will fill your home and hearts with mischievous love and loads of laughter and fun

  261. Hi Cathy – we never forget our Scottie’s and no matter how many you get, I guarantee each will be different from the other and as funny as the rest. Love them to bits and would have 10 if I could! I agree with Heathers description – ‘mischievous love and loads of laughter and fun’. My current boy Scott is such a soft lump. He never growls or barks (only at stupid things like bumble bees or eggshells) just mumps away in conversation. He is so tickly and starts to sneeze and rub his beard over the carpet at the slightest touch then does the mad dash around all the rooms in and out. He is nearly four but thinks he is a baby.

    1. Thank you too Cat, Duffy was the defender of our neighborhood. No lizard or rattling garbage can lid was safe around him!

  262. I love seeing what others have named their scotties. Our first scottie as a family was Darby. After he passed I had to get one of my own and named her Cricket. She’s small for a Scottie but it brings to mind a Midsummer Night’s Dream quote, “And though she be but little, she is fierce.” Which sums up scotties as a whole, methinks. My baby boy (he’s now 10 months old) I’ve named Trevor. Not overly scottish but fits him perfectly. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I tend to pick out names for dogs I don’t even have yet!

    1. I do that too – had to wait ten years for my much longed for scottie until I finished work as I live alone – Hw was always going to be called Captain – I’m hoping to get a bitch this year – will probably call her Havoc although I quite like Rocket too. I think Cricket is a lovely unusual name for a scottie

  263. Have had five Scotties so far:

    Chekov (who was killed by a Rottweiler when he was 6 months old)
    Chekov II (actually named “Hans” but we bought him from the breeder at 6 years old and was the original Chekov’s father: we renamed him Chekov)
    Orson & Atticus (both 4 years old and who are our present Scotty bosses these days)

  264. We are planning for our arrival in 2016. i know it is a long way off but i want my son to be old enough to enjoy a puppy. he will be 6 when we get our little girl. I cant have anymore kids and my husband knows how much i want a girl. so the hard part now is picking a name but i have alot of time for that. i want an elegant name with a hint of scottish. i would love some ideas.

  265. My first Scottie was named Mugsey MacDuff. My second was Gus. We lost our beloved Gus to cancer a month ago and we miss him terribly. Gus also had skin problems his whole life. I am reading that both cancer and skin problems run in this breed. I would like to get another Scottie but I was wondering what I should look for in a breeder to avoid these issues. Can anyone give me some advice??

    1. Hi Barb. I have had Scotties for the past 40 years. I lost my previous little girl to cancer at the age of 10. This was the first time one of my Scotties passed away from cancer. Then I got a boy and a girl from different breeders. My little boy, Murdoch, suffers from mites but touch wood has been clear, what with weekly injections and a course of antibiotics, for the past month. This is a first time I have had a Scottie suffer from this. I was told by our vet that it can affect any breed; their immune system is not strong. As for my little girl, Maggie Mae, she is a real toughie and we have had no “problems” with her. I have also been told that giving them half an aspirin can prevent the onset of cancer, but have not yet gone that route.

  266. Hi corina, make sure you get advise from a vet about a spring, human drugs can be very toxic and fatal in some instances, I have a friend here in nz who’s a very good vet and I’ve worked with her, for periods of time, so please check first.

  267. Hi corinne, make sure you get advise from a vet about asprin human drugs can be very toxic and fatal in some instances, I have a friend here in nz who’s a very good vet and I’ve worked with her, for periods of time, so please check first before giving asprin to your scotty.

  268. I have named my two Scotties (one has passed away) after place names in Scotland where my father’s ancestors came from. If you have any connection to Scotland at all this is a great way for the doggies name to keep your family memories close to your heart.

    Barra was my first Scottie and Kisimul is the name of my second.

  269. I love to see all these amazing names and the stories attached
    I was blessed to have for 17 years BRANDIGAN SCOTT. He was companiono and navigator as we traveled cross country on roadtrips across the U.S. in my convertible. I has since relocated outside of the U.S. and found a breeder that has black and wheaton. Two males. BRANDIGAN was black. So i now search for new names. We also had a wired hair fox terrier named PAXTON STRYDER. Considering Raleigh, Maddox, Stratton, Cooper, Braxton, Princeton, Paddington, Stryder. I always use two or more names on Registration and Licensing.
    Take good care everyone. SCOTTIES ROCK!

  270. Bleu MacDuff, our Scottie son and ruler of the house, turns two on May 10th. He starts the daily “barking lot” which is a kind of roll call for the neighborhood dogs first thing each morning. Although he was born in Georgia, Bleu loves the snow in Illinois which has been abundant this year. My husband and I are crazy in love with him but do wish he’d lose his taste for all things leather, our eyeglasses, and his bedding which looks like swiss cheese.

  271. Curtis was my maiden name. Steve should write/. how about a name like Greycee
    or Baxter or Mcgriffen or shelby

  272. we just got our little westie girl and we named her Ivy. We had actually planned on getting a male and naming him Winston. But a little female became available instead. It took us some time to find a name that we liked but Ivy was the clear winner for us. We also considered Merri

  273. Hi everyone,

    I lost my beloved boy last month( prostate cancer) he was 10 years old, named him Shawn, beautiful Irish name for the special breed as Scottish Terrier:) still cannot believe he is gone…miss him every day…
    I am Russian, live in Canada — Shawn was able to speak both: Russian and English :))
    He was smart, funny and had an attitude :))

    Planning to have baby boy in several months, will name him either Basil,Arthur or Boris.

  274. I posted quite some time ago about my three scotties, Angus, his mate Grey and their puppies Bobbie, Thistle , Tweed ( now Zelda) and Commodor Grey.
    I have since lost my sweet Angus to cancer very unexpectedly in Febuary.
    At the end of June I will be getting two little brothers , a black and a wheaten,
    and I’m trying to think of names for them.
    So far I have…
    Basil and Nigel
    Whiskey and Rye
    Whiskey and Porter
    Stewart and Gordon
    Donald and Walter ( after two great-uncles)
    Jack and Dean ( two more great-uncles)
    Doug and Dirk
    All the names will be followed by Fowler Robertson for the family name and clan.
    Any favorites?

  275. Rory, my beautiful little westie girl-she’s 13 and the love of my life!
    I named her after my sister’s friend from Ireland!

  276. I got to see my 3 week old wee beasties for the first time on Saturday.
    They a black boy and a wheaton boy and will be named Whisky and Rye.
    They will be joining Grey and Bobby in july.

    1. Congrats Linda! Please send pictures of your wee ones. Would love to share on the Scottie News.

  277. My gorgeous scotty is called Brodie. He has the most amazing character, talks to you, or rather moans when you don’t greet him first when walking in the front door! He loves swimming and often floats around the pool on a pool noodle, and if you don’t walk him everyday the excess energy makes you regret it! My previous two Scotties were McDougal and Mac Tavish. I am a Scotty fan through and through.

    1. Hi Cindy, keep a close eye on brodie while he is in the pool, my scotty abby loves water and a good swim but they sink like stones when there coats get to wet and they drown as there wool absorbes the water suddenly and then they become to heavy for them to stay afloat

      1. Thanks Heather. You are so right, he skinks like a stone. We have a pool net on our pool and when it’s off we keep a close eye on him.

  278. Hi, Corrine. I sympathize with you; I lost 3 dogs to cancer….Fred, who died of pancreatic cancer. Tiny, who developed a cancer on the roof of his mouth, both Scottish terriers. My mom’s dog, a Peke, died of uterine cancer….which surprised me, as I thought she had been spayed! I swore I would do everything in my power to prevent cancer from taking a dog from me again. When I got Gregory, a Wheaton Scot, I gave him half a baby aspirin every 2 days. After a month of aspirin treatment, his moles on the top and bottom of his head disappeared. If you do give your dog aspirin, please let me know if he loses his moles. I think I’m onto something here. ALSO, his skin started to turn black, very noticeable on the inside of his ears.

  279. We named our female Scottish terrier, Mysti after the misty rains on the Scottish Highlands.

  280. i didnt realize they could drown till i read it on this web site, its a great site for information bout keeping our babies safe

    1. Lost a pup to drowning. I immediately installed a fence and trained my other Scotties about the stairs. It is the worst when something like this happens. Endless guilt.

  281. My scottie was named Gulliver – my beloved little guy lived a great life till he was 15 years old. Now were thinking about getting another one and I want to name him Gulliver II, as someone told me it’s ok to name the dog the same name if the other dog lived a great life…..any thoughts on this?

  282. My first Westie was Angus but we called him Gus. At 11 yrs. old he was dragged from our yard in NC in January by coyotes. I found him and he had surgery but he was too damaged. I am just glad I found him. I found a female Westie in April and picked her up at 5 months in May. I wanted a uni-sex name because my husband thought it too soon, so I called her Wellie, aka Too Big for her Wellies. The breeder started calling her that a month before I picked her up, but if I had known she would be such a charmer, I would have named her Grace and called her Gracie.

  283. We’ve had two scotties after having
    a great Austrailian terrier- Sheba
    Our mostly white wheaton scotty Merry Bailey
    & our black scottie girl the Lady of Kilbride
    Kelby for short. Great dogs.

  284. Hi Michelle. It would be a tribute to Gulliver 1 to name your new one Gulliver 2. We have had many Scotties named MacTavish. My pair at the moment are Murdoch and Maggie Mae. Three years ago we were meant to get two brothers who were named MacTavish and Murdoch but unfortunately MacTavish drowned before we got the pair. We were then fortunate in getting a little female elsewhere and so Maggie Mae entered the picture. So name your little one Gulliver 2.

  285. We have a Scottie named Lincohn. affectionately, he’s linky, or links. It suits him perfectly. He has the attitude of an old fashioned president. He definitely rules the house. Most people think he was given the name for his beard, and it certainly suits the beard.
    We have only met one other scottie on our walks, a female named Maggie. We are looking to add to our brood, and i’m looking to my family for scottie names. My entire family is scottish, and i love human names for dog.

  286. Our scottie is named Gordon, he is one year old and follows me everywhere. When I dive into the pool he runs alongside the pool to meet me at the other end. Same thing when I swim laps. The other day he fell in and he would have drowned if I had not seen him. He is the best dog, I love Scotties.

  287. Hello,
    I just lost my Scottie (Bonny Black Bear Laddie McScruff) otherwise known to his family as Scruffy. He was the light of my life, along with his “sister” SugarBear (a Westie). Scruffy was 11 and SugarBear was 14 but they had to be put “to sleep” only 11 days apart. Scruffy had Cancer and SugarBear had a massive seizure and lost control of her body, couldn’t stand or focus her eyes (nastagmous). Vet told us she might not ever regain function so we knew it was time. I have deposits on two Scotties now. Both are black, both are females. Anyone think I should NOT get two females? One will be ready to bring home 13 Aug 2014 and the other won’t be ready to come home until middle to late September. Two different litters, two different breeders. I’ve named one Sophie and the breeder is already calling her by name so she will be accustomed to it by the time she comes home for good. The younger one has not been officially named yet. I need to see her to make a decision. I find the news very informative and love seeing the pictures of the other Scotties.

    1. I don’t see any reason why you should not get two females Sherry. A couple of years ago, I lost my boy (also to cancer) and my girl was devastated. She was literally wasting away. Different litters but they had been together since pups. We heard of an elderly female available at our local SPCA. I was worried about it being another female but I was prepared to take the chance. A vet told me to take my little girl to the SPCA and let them meet on neutral ground which we did. A slightly different scenario as yours are young but perhaps take your first little one with you when you go to collect your second one.

  288. I have 10 scotties aging from 12 yrs down to 4 months. My baby girl is black and her name is Ebony Skye. I have a wheaten Bosshawg Feisty McGruff. He is my stud and he is gorgeous.

  289. Lachie was my best wee pal for the past 15 years.Named after a character in the Scottish soap called ‘Take the High Road.

  290. We just lost our beloved Riley after almost 15 years. The last two with diabetes. He was one spoiled dog. He was my 4th. I had a brindle named Zack, A Wheaton named Bogart. A brindle named Gracie. Then my Riley. Pick up my new male Scottie in 2 weeks. Still trying to decide on a name. We have a Cattle Dog named Rodeo. Another Cattle Dog named Dazy and a cat name Squeak.
    I’m leaning toward Lannie for my new boy or Tavish. Tavi for short.

  291. I have a Scottish Terrier who is 10 years old. She is so sweet and wonderful and she named herself. I was thinking about Zoe, and a few others, and when we were in the garden, she looked at me and “Emma” jumped into my mind. So Emma it was and is. We pretty much let her be a Scottie, although I handle her a lot due to having grandkids. I love Terriers, and I don’t know if this is the place to comment about these feelings, but, there you go!

  292. My 9 year old Scottie is named Bunny, full name Funny Bunny. Originally it had to do with those big ears and when she was a tiny puppy she hopped around in the grass.

  293. We had our wonderful Scottie for 15 1/2 years! He was our wedding gift to each other. His full name was Macduff, named for Shakespeare’s great hero in Macbeth. We called him Duffy for short. And now we are looking for his replacement – but those will be big paws to fill!

  294. We have been owned by 5 Scotties- Our first boy was named Mack but often called “Max”. Both names mean “the greatest” – which he was. He lived to be 13 and our hearts were broken when he passed away. Our second Scottie boy was born exactly one month after Max passed away so we named him “Justin Time” but called him JT. He came to our home as a 12 week old Scottie dictator trying to run the household but proved to be a devoted friend, especially to the children. He only lived 8 1/2 years due to cancer. Barnaby was our next wonderful boy. So Barney would have a friend, we adopted a female Scottie a year later. We named her Bonnie Rose, because she was very beautiful. They were great together. Barney lived to be 12 and Rose to 14. Our current Scottie is a rescue. We re-named him Archibald but call him Archie. He was a big beautiful 4 year old boy who was dropped at a dog pound for no good reason. Being Scottie-less at the time, as soon as we heard about him we adopted him. He is over 7 now and we are so happy to have this very loving and most wonderful companion. Scotties Rule!

  295. We just put our Scottie Girl, Maxine, down yesterday. We loved her for ten-years, but found out less than a month ago her liver was failing. She lost almost 25% of her body weight in 3-weeks, so we knew putting her to sleep was best for her.

  296. Fritz, I am so sorry for your loss. It is such a gut wrenching decision even when you know the time is right. Our thoughts are with you in such a difficult time. Scotties are such special little people!

  297. We all had Westies as children, Dougal, Angus and Rhona. My sister now has another called Archie and I’m about to welcome a little Scottie shortly and can’t decide whether to call him Lachie, short for Lachlan or Struan? I’m hoping he looks like a Lachie!

  298. Growing up I had a Scottie named Pepper and knew when I was an adult I’d have Scotties. We’ve had two males pass away Winston (passed away a few years ago) and Picasso (last month), it’s so hard to lose them they become such a part of your life and are so loyal. We still have Scotch a Wheaton scottie who is three and looking for a female puppy to add to our family in the spring.

  299. My Scottie is named Kendal. He is a male (neutered). He was named by my Mother before she died. She named him after my favorite brother, Ken and recently deceased brother-in-law Dale. I will never own another dog other than Scotties. He is training to be an agility dog and loving it!!!!!

  300. We have had Scottish Terriers for 25 years.
    Here are some of our names for our beloved.
    Gracie, Mia, Willow, Scarlet
    Icarus, Cole, Sable

  301. We have two black scotties called Haggis and Whisky, our children think we need to more called Neeps and Tatties. There are lots of really good Scottish names like Menzies (actully pronounced Mingus), Beag (which means little), Erskine, Isa, Murdo, Mungo, Sporan, Katie Morag, i could go on and on.

  302. I’ve got 2 little Westies – Bonnie and Fergus – they’re little puppies – and I love them to bits! We’re getting another little boy Westie – Gordon – very shortly.

  303. I lost my beloved 16 year old two Christmas’ ago. Her name was Beam Me Up (of course we would add there’s no intelligent life down here occasionally) Beamer for short. I’m looking for names for two female pups that are on the way!,

  304. we are getting a new wheaten Scottie soon we are going to call her Heather or Froach which is Gaelic for Heather as her mum is called Bracken and Heather grows in Bracken.
    Often people name girls after the islands like Skye Iona and Islay
    Also had friend with Kiltie and Celidh
    Also speyside whiskey names as Scotties are Aberdeen terriers. X

  305. We have two Westies and a Scottie our male Westie is named Tuath which is gaelic for North and our female Westie is named Deas which means south. Our Scottie is named Brodie.

  306. So my wife always got the cars Mercedes Benz and BMW’s confused and called them McBeemas.. It was during that time we got our first Westie so we decided no name her McBeema.. Beems for short.. She gave us 15 beautiful years we lost her about twelve months ago .. and tonight we made the call to get another of these wonderful dogs.

  307. What a wonderful website!!!! Have been owned by 4 Scotties. Latest is Jock (Jacques Gunne MacDuff) who just turned 8. I just got a new Pup brother for Jock. (William Wallace MacDuff), Wally will be a new wonder…

  308. I just love scotties, my Watson was 12 yrs old when he passed and I just rescued a 3 yr old scottie and he was already named Opie he came from Tennessee, he is such a lovable little dog.

  309. I lost my 3rd Scottie yesterday due to lung cancer. Her name was Isabella and I miss her so much. She was a fierce little warrior princess. My other Scotties were Roxie and Rosie. Scotties are the best!

  310. My best friend Mr Mackay was born 1st may 2001, I got him for my birthday in November that year, He has been the Love of my life ever since, I took him every where, and I was so proud of him, as he looked the perfect little scottie dog you could wish for.
    The last couple of years he has had some problems, first he had seven teeth out in one visit to the vet, then he had a cancerous toe and it had to be operated on, then he got Arthritis in his left back leg, and still managed to get around the house and garden , then he developed some blood in his urine so took him to the vet who tried anti biotics , but it never worked, we carried on with his tablets,but sadly on the 20th Dec 2015, he started to not eat or drink, the next day 21st Dec afternoon he started to cry out , I tried to comfort him best i could, knowing he was in pain , I had to get him to the vet Quick, I got him to Colchester Hospital who said he will not last the night, So i had no choice than to put him to sleep, We took him home in the car, He died that evening at 9pm, aged 14 and Half , His next birthday would have been 1st May 2016, aged 15. R I P My little boy Mackay X.

  311. I’ve got two adorable twin Westie boys – Fergus and Gordon. I love them to bits and couldn’t be without them.

  312. Our wonderful scottie is called Frazer and has travelled with us from the UK to live in Sicily where he is kept very busy chasing lizards!

  313. We had 2 black scotties when i grew up. One was called “Mr McDuff” and for short he was called “Duff” or “Duffer” and the other one was MacTavish usually just called “Mac”

  314. We have always had westies but on my Birthday last October my son bought me a Scottie.He is gorgeous,our westie Glenn adores him just as we do,and he is called Bruce.

  315. I have had Westies (sadly all departed) – Fiddler, Piper, Drummer, Fife, Bodhran and Piccolo.
    Kiltie was my first cat.
    (All boys)
    As part of the family now, 2 girls – Skye (just like a grey sky – cat) and Eilidh – an over enthusiastic and very lovable rescue Sidney Silkie/Pom/Poo.

  316. I named my West Highland Terrier (Westie) “Moxie.” Not a terribly Scottish-sounding name, I confess; however, here’s why I picked it: When I first received her, she was still a wee pup & already a feisty one at that; but in 30 seconds flat, I knew her name would have to be “Moxie.” Even in that first 30 seconds, she already SHOWED that she had a lot of moxie in her. RIP, my cherished, bonnie Westie lass!

  317. Our Scottie was named Othello (I always thought I’d have a Westie too and name it Desdemona…). I’ve always been a fan of Shakespearean dog names: the Kerry Blue Terrier we had when I was a kid was “Lord MacDuff” (Duffy for short). Miss those guys a lot.

  318. Over 40 + years my first Scottie was Shona – then came Ashley and Chloe – then Reba and Diana all females. They all had their share of problems, mostly cancer and one of a broken heart.

    In 2009 we got a beautiful and very handsome 12 week old male Scottie Augie (August is Scottish but he mostly called the Italian version Augusto). Then in 2012 we got another beautiful and handsome 12 week old and we named him Barclay (after the Scottish bank). They are just the most loving and well behaved Scottie’s we’ve ever had. Sharon&John

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  320. From our last litter we have kept the only boy to hopefully hit the show ring in 2017 His full name is Piobmhor Mac McMac

  321. I have had 6 Scotties in my life, the first MacRurie Wee Laddie (Rurie) when I was a teenager. he was followed by a brother and sister, Calvin and Paisley Charm (Charm), then Jura and now I have Sollas and Raasay two sisters. I can’t imagine life without my little black shadows. They have enriched my world more than I can say.

  322. Love reading from this site and seeing all the pictures. I am privileged to have a Scottie in my life, would love to have another.

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