Scottie assists winner of EuroGroom 2007

Ellie, a Scottish Terrier, helped a British dog groomer claim victory at EuroGroom 2007. Winner Sharon Walton was judged not just on the quality of the Scottie haircut but on how she approached and handled the strange dog.

All dogs had to have at least eight weeks worth of hair.

2 thoughts on “Scottie assists winner of EuroGroom 2007

  1. I am Ellie’s owner – she is a great dog, 5 years old and a real people dog. She shares her life with my husband and myself plus 6 cats, 5 chickens and 2 goldfish. We were thrilled when she was chosen to enter Eurogroom and delighted when she won her class.

  2. Glad you found us. If you have any pictures or video of Ellie at Eurogroom, we’d love to publish them. Belated congratulations.

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