Designer dog controversy

Behind the scenes here at the Scottie News, a big designer dog controversy has been brewing. We will soon have a full report on hybrid dogs and Scottie mixes in which we explore the pros and cons, but for now here is a very big con pointed out by a participant in a Scottish Terrier forum.

This is supposedly a Scoodle or Terripoo mix of Scottish Terrier and poodle but to the eyes of the discerning photo team at Scottie News, it looks like something that was created in photo shop. Whatever it is, though, it’s certainly no looker.

Dog detectives can check it out for themselves at Petfinder.

Update: The final verdict on Shaggy is in.

5 thoughts on “Designer dog controversy

  1. If it weren’t for the ears, I would say a Scottie head has been grafted on to another body to create a weird mutant.

  2. I can’t see a difference between shadows from the head or the body. There aren’t any, which could be the result of lighting, i.e. some kind of fill-in flash or backlighting.
    I think it’s legit. The body’s clipped. I’m always amazed how much of a dog is fur, and how tiny they become when they’re clipped or wet.
    (I wouldn’t have been happy with that clip job).

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