DIY Scottish terrier grooming

Lallee of Lallee’s cottage bathes and grooms her photogenic Scottie, Oliver to prepare him for a family trip. We salute her and admit that we use the services of professional dog groomers.

Meanwhile, also in Florida, another Scottie gets groomed. A very handsome lad indeed and always seen wearing an ascot.

6 thoughts on “DIY Scottish terrier grooming

  1. Thank you for the link also and yes, Duncan always must have his scarf on. He’s lost without it. He has them for every occassion and seems to enjoy wearing them.

  2. Hello, my name is Kathleen and I live in Trussville, AL. On November 12, we had our two male scotties, Duncan and Higgins, (father and son) abducted from our yard. THey are 11 and 13 years old, and have been with our family since they were each 7 weeks old. They cooked with me, traveled with me, slept with me. I have searched and searched, placing ads and offering rewards, to no avail. I came across your website and wanted to say how wonderful it is. If any of your visitors come across, or have come across two older scotties that they think might be mine, I would appreciate the head’s up. My Duncan and Higgins still own my heart, and I miss them so much. My e-mail address is

    Again, what a wonderful site-scotties rule!

  3. Help, our 5 year old Scottie, Scarlett, has had surgery for bladder stones twice. She is on a special dog food from our Vet. The Vet says she cannot have anything else to eat or she will form these bladder stones again. Does anyone have any experience and can I cook something at home to feed her, she hates this food from the Vet, and only eats it when she is starving. The Vet tells us that Scarlett cannot have another surgery for the bladder stones. Thanks for any help.

    1. Google “recipes for home made food for dogs with bladder stones”. I found excellent recipes at “”.

      Ps. Sounds like your vet just wants your repeat business.

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