The Final Verdict on Shaggy

As the Scottish Terrier and Dog News struggled to get to the bottom of the Shaggy case, we posed and attempted to answer a number of critical questions:
Supposed Scoodle or Terripoo designer dog

Is Shaggy a fake?

Many people do feel that Shaggy — a purported cross between a poodle and a Scottish Terrier otherwise known as a Scoodle or a Terripoo — does indeed look like a photoshop creation. The Before and After Photoshop group on Flickr leaned that way at first, although upon seeing second photos of Shaggy on the dog resuce page, most participants concluded he was genuine.

If he was a fake, who would pull such a hoax?

This was one of the strongest pieces of evidence against a hoax. Certainly no rescue organization would do this, but perhaps someone with a grudge against a rescuer might. An aggrieved designer dog owner, perhaps? Now, it goes without saying that rescue organizations do wonderful work but — how to put this delicately? — rescuers can sometimes be a little, oh, high-strung. It’s always possible someone who was fed up with them or just wanted to have a little “fun” at the expense of a rescuer might invent a Shaggy.

Don’t dogs have bad hair days too?

Yes indeed, they do. The internet is full of tales of grooming gone wrong although Scottie News thinks this shaved designer dog still looks a whole lot better than Shaggy.

Thankfully, others have been able to see Shaggy’s potential in spite of the hair situation. Misheld at Flickr wrote: “I think he’s just a cute little guy with a bad haircut, and I hope he finds a new home very soon :)”

Scottie News does too.

2 thoughts on “The Final Verdict on Shaggy

  1. It looks to me that the image has definitely been chopped together from two or more images. The telltale signs are the hard edges around the outside of the tongue and the dog’s right ear against the original background plate. There is also a stray pink area just to the right of the dog’s tongue that doesn’t belong with the background.
    Hope this helps.

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