Foreign correspondent’s special Euro report

On a recent trip to France, Switzerland and Italy, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News editorial department discovered that Westies and Jack Russells vastly outnumber Scotties in western Europe. In Paris, West Highland Terriers rule and in Italy, smooth haired Jack Russells are as ubiquitous as motor scooters. Euro dogs enjoy travel privileges unheard of in North America, hopping on the subway and trains, not to mention casually strolling into restaurants. But alas, until the last day of our trip, we didn’t see one Scottie able to take advantage of this situation. Then finally we spotted him — very well behaved although we’re not sure if we approve of lifting one’s leg while exiting the courtyard of the Louvre. Perhaps it was all the naked statues that persuaded hi it was okay.
Scottie News realizes our pictures are not at all of the quality of Scottie Tails so if you want to see Scotties in Europe and don’t mind if they’re American tourists as opposed to locals, check out the inimitable and peripatetic Boone and Kenzie.

3 thoughts on “Foreign correspondent’s special Euro report

  1. Zut alors! Perhaps the Parisian Scottie shortage was due to the fact it was August. Maybe they were all at the beach like the rest of France.

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