Rove calls Barney “a lump”

Wouldn’t you know it? Scottish Terrier and Dog News closes down for vacation and there’s another Washington Scottie scandal. This time, it involves the president’s outgoing deputy chief of staff Karl Rove who, following his resignation, made his true thoughts about Barney, the first dog, known to all. “Barney’s a lump,” Rove told the New York Times.

Times reporter Jim Rutenberg wrote that Rove “expressed what no White House aide would express publicly, though many very senior officials have shared the sentiment privately: that is, distaste for the president’s beloved Scottish terrier, Barney, who is seen by some as aloof and entitled.”

Okay, now the Scottie News team will admit that occasionally we have been known to pass judgment on other people’s dogs and dissing other’s dogs is indeed more socially acceptable than ragging on someone else’s children, and, yes indeed, sometimes you do acutally find other people’s husbands dogs kind of boring, but calling a dog “entitled” goes beyond ridiculous. It says more about the insulter and transferral than it does about the dog.

Our anlysis here at Scottie News is that Barney is probably a one-man dog and not an overly affectionate type so if Rove goes for sloppy dogs, it’s not surprising that Barney doesn’t turn his crank.

Of course, due to the poor dog reporting on this subject we don’t know anything about Rove’s taste in dogs. Does he own a dog? Is he a small dog disser like Vladimir Putin? Or could it be that he is a cat person? We need some answers in order to get to the bottom of this.

3 thoughts on “Rove calls Barney “a lump”

  1. It didn’t say Rove found Barney aloof but that some senior staffers did. Rove found him a lump which to me means boring so he could be a cat person.

    Can any of our Texas readers help?

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