Canine social networking dilemmas

As I’ve mentioned before, my dog Bridget has a rather bad habit attacking feet. It’s mostly under control but occasionally, she’ll just start biting a random stranger’s feet. She did this to a new dog walker at the park this morning.

While I was apologizing profusely, another dog walker chimed in: “Yes. I read on her Facebook profile that biting feet was one of her favourite pastimes. “

That’s right, Bridget has a dog book profile created by my daughter several months ago but evidently not actively maintained since then.

“Whiskey’s sent her a friend request,” said the other dog walker, whose name I didn’t know and who probably doesn’t know my name even though her dog had sent mine a Facebook friend request and our animals routinely share sticks.

Since I didn’t want to get a reputation as the kind of person whose dog ignores Facebook friend requests, when I got home, I immediately fired up the computer and accepted Whiskey’s friend request on Bridget’s behalf.

Lo and behold, I also discovered that, Bridget had four more friend requests.

Two were from Scottish Terriers, Morag in Melbourne, and Shnaps in Moscow. That made sense given that they have their breed in common. But I was a little disconcerted by the seemingly random friend requests from Chingiz, a Moscow boxer, and Torri, a Moscow Saint Bernard. I will likely ignore their friend requests for security reasons.

Finally, I checked out Whiskey’s friends and browsed the other dogs who had the same favourite parks as Bridget. Then I sent a human friend, who’s trying to decide whether she needs Facebook, the profile of a Dachshund she knows, who just happened to be one of Whiskey’s friends.

Talk about social networking — and time wasting.