Is it wrong to dress dogs in Halloween costumes?

A reader wrote to the Scottish Terrier and Dog News asking us to tone down our Halloween coverage, which he believes is deeply humiliating to dogs. “Dogs are not dolls to be dressed up and laughed at,” his e-mail read.

Nor is he alone. There are many others who believe that to dress up dogs in costumes is to humiliate them. Dave Barry even wrote that it’s reason #718 why normally docile dogs suddenly decide one day to rip out their owners’ throats.

And these wonderful photos do not give the impression that the dogs are happy about their fate.

Still, at Scottie Dog News, we think it depends on the individual dog, which is why we’re going ahead with our first ever Halloween Costume Contest, the details of which will be announced shortly. Send us pictures of your costumed Scotties to enter at