Classic Scottish Terrier Costumes

The other day while researching where Scottie owners could find classic kilts for their dogs, we stumbed across this site, Les P’tits Chéris, which has some of the chic-est plaids we’ve ever seen.

We’re a big fan of Burberry on Scottish Terriers so we particularly liked these winter jackets:

For those of you in the market for a simple kilt, you can have one made in either a trendy plaid like Burberry or the family tartan:

Scottish Terrier West Highland Terrier kilt

Now some of you are probably saying, “Hold on a minute, those are Westies.” But as it turns out Les P’tits Chéris is run by our dog groomers, Le Pitou Propre et le Minou Aussi. Scottie News can attest that they groom a lot of Scottish Terriers and know their stuff even if they themselves are Westie owners.

And no, we are not getting any kickbacks for this. We only learned about this other business by sheer coincidence. Clearly we’re better at finding photos of Putin’s poodle than Scottie clothes in our own hometown.


Here’s an earlier reporton a different style of Scottish Terrier kilt.