Halloween hoaxer fails to fool Scottie News

In less than six months of existence, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News has developed a reputation for its dogged pursuit of news and exclusive photos. It has been recognized by Foreign Policy magazine editors as “the authoritative source for news on Scotties and other canine-related matters.” National Public Radio noted that Scottie News’ exclusive photos of Vladimir Putin with his poodle caused “a minor stir in Russia.”

Given this power to make news, it is hardly surprising then that some people might take it upon themselves to further their ambitions by winning our first ever annual Scottish Terrier and Dog News Halloween contest. And late last night, we received this disturbing photo of a Scottish Terrier who appears to have been either drugged or photoshopped in an attempt to win the prize.

Needless to say, we were not fooled and “Jack” has been disqualified. What’s more, if we learn the identity of his owner, we will turn the information over to the humane society.

We would rather a Westie win the contest than see Scottish terriers mistreated in a misguided race for the prize.

Ladybug Terrier, originally uploaded by weaselmcfee.