Elvis, Skunk tie for first place in Halloween Contest

Judging irregularities plague competition

Oh dear. It looks like two people believed they were Judge Merg because two people judged the Halloween contest.

Presumably this happened because two people correctly answered the last Scottish Terrier and Dog News trivia quiz — one by posting in the comments section and the other via e-mail.

The Scottie News editorial department thought they were one and the same but it appears they were not. Thus we had one winner picked by the e-mail judge and another winner picked by the comments judge.

Since we don’t want to put ourselves in the awkward position of breaking the tie, we are declaring two winners — Elvis aka Baily and Skunk Girl.
Photo by istolethetv and from Flickr

Here’s what the judges had to say:

Judge Merg I

First Place
– Baily as “the King”. A great effort! The costume curls and the natural eyebrows sort of merge together.

Runner up – Anonymous as a girl skunk. A wonderful way to costume a black dog. Reminiscent of the old Warner Brothers “Pepe le Pew” cartoons in which the girl skunk is really some other sort of critter.

Honorable mention:

To Dugan
– Again, less is more. A white collar and a black dog goes great for formal occasions.

To Mac Scottish – for keeping up Scottish traditions, which are important to many of these dogs, if not their owners.

To The Colonel – for having a costume that is practical and hard to shed as well as being “killer bee.”

Judge Merg II

My, what a hard time to pick from so many adorable scotties. They’re all winners in their own way. I’d love to give each of them their own scottie trick or treat dog biscuit!

After much deliberation with scotties Woody, Daisy, and Penny, we pick the skunk Anonymous. This little scottie looked like she was having so much fun we had to pick her. Plus, everybody knows that scotties can be little stinkers on occasion 😉

Next year, Scottie Dog News will hire Price Waterhouse to avoid this happening again.

Congratulations to the winners.

2 thoughts on “Elvis, Skunk tie for first place in Halloween Contest

  1. It wasn’t like that, Merg. I think I know how this all happened.

    Many, many thanks for your superb judging.

    Happy Halloween.

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