More on the Ellen dog fiasco

From the Associated Press:

The rescue group involved with DeGeneres gets criticism from one prominent pet expert, Tamar Geller, celebrity dog trainer and author of “The Loved Dog.”

“This whole thing was taken out of context,” says Geller. “It should have been handled much better. Yes, Ellen made a booboo. But you know what? She was coming from a good place.

“The rescue group may have won their battle — they got Iggy back — but they’ve lost the war,” Geller said. “They’ve given a bad rep to the entire rescue world. You know what? The punishment doesn’t fit the crime.”

Updated: Thanks to the commenters who pointed out that the attorney for Mutts and Moms maintains that the dog was offered to the hairdresser’s family but they declined to fill out the necessary forms.

3 thoughts on “More on the Ellen dog fiasco

  1. Everyone should TRY to read the rescue group’s attourney statements on Bill O’Reilly…. the biggest thing that no one is saying is this: That the rescue group offered to let Iggy stay with the hairdresser IF they filled out the appropriate forms… Mutts & Moms would probably have let Iggy stay IF they had been willing to fill out the paper work. THEY REFUSED TO COMPLY WITH A SIMPLE REQUEST TO COMPLETE THE ADOPTION. If you want to ‘blame’ anyone, it’s the hairdresser’s fault for not complying with a simple and reasonable request from the rescue groups.

  2. And you wonder why people turn to puppymills/pet stores for dogs? Because rescue organizations make it impossible to people to ADOPT! If you rent you cant adopt, if you have an intact male/female you cant adopt, if you have small children you cant adopt, i even heard if you smoke you cant adopt! So why are they looking for perfection when a dog has 10 days to live in a kill shelter? Ellen could not keep Iggy big woop, she found him a good home period. No need to make it worse. If the dog was not being cared for i am SURE someone would of notice.

    And thats why people turn to pet stores. For me this rescue org already has a HORRIBLE name writen all over!

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