Pregnant or not?

A few weeks back, we had a pregnancy false alarm here at the Scottie News.

Well, now we may be having another one. Experienced puppy raisers, does it make sense that the vet couldn’t detect the puppies?

7 thoughts on “Pregnant or not?

  1. No, it doesn’t.But not much of what she posts is very truthful.This young gal has been posting on just about every dog forum you can think of,pretending her scottie was ‘accidentally’ bred. The truth is she was actively searching for a stud for this very young dog (her searches were found online by several folks)and didn’t care too much about him, requesting only that he be either another scottie or a poodle, and the fee be 150.00 or under.
    She was on another forum a while back, and lied and told everyone she had gotten her spayed (going so far as to tell us all how sleepy she was after the operation) so she would quit being harassed about wanting to breed her petstore bought, unproven, unpapered young dog.
    I highly doubt the dog really went in for x rays at all.

  2. Can be freedom of speech, but you are actually allowed to post someones blog in here WITHOUT permission? Is like stealing photos from the site/blog as well.

  3. We are all so happy for Sadie and the Mussers. We do hear in Michigan that Sadie is with puppies. Any confirmation?

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