Scottish Terriers and children

When the Scottish Terrier and Dog News reported on the Ellen DeGeneres dog fiasco last week, one of the points we made was that it seemed absurd to stipulate that small dogs shouldn’t got to households with children under 14, and that, according to those criteria, the Scottie News household wouldn’t qualify to rescue a Scottish Terrier.

Well, today, we discovered a very interesting Detroit Free Press article on the whole subject:

Dog folk usually don’t agree on much…
But there appears to be great consensus over the wrongheadedness of Mutts & Moms’ reason for repossessing (Iggy), despite the tears and pleas of the family’s 11- and 12-year-old daughters: its policy of not adopting out small dogs to families with children younger than 14.

The report gives a lot of sound advice on matching up kids and dogs.

Here at the Scottie News headquarters, we don’t have any small children — just one teenager who towers over both halves of our reporting team. But Bridget the Scottish Terrier is very attracted to children. She always wants to join in and play with them at the park or when they approach her on the street. While she doesn’t have a mean bone in her body, she can be rough so she has to be kept under a watchful eye.

After she’s had a good run with children and their balls at the park though, I always feel a little sad that she doesn’t have a house of kids to roughhouse and run around with as both she and the children seem to enjoy it so much.

She does, however, seem to come of child-loving stock. Bridget’s breeders had a toddler who they let romp freely with their Scottie pack which really impressed us when we went to pick her up.

Bottom line: You have to know both the kids and the dogs involved and see how they fit together — just like the article says.

A girl and her dog, originally uploaded by tomdisy.

The photographer comments: “Amelia and our dog, Arthur, truly love each other. They are partners in crime. Amelia finds food and Arthur eats it. Arthur’s a Scottish Terrier, which isn’t considered a good breed with children, but you couldn’t ask for a better dog with kids.”