Scoop: Photo of Vladimir Putin with poodle!!!!

(If you don’t care about Putin’s poodle and just want to see cute Scottie photos, click here. We have some wonderful Scottish Terrier pictures for you)

Months back we reported on Russian President Vladimir Putin’s dissing of Scottish terriers. In the course of our background research we discovered that while Putin likes to show off his macho relationship with his large lab Koni, he is also rumoured to be fond of a small poodle named Tosya, something he prefers to keep hidden.
Vladimir Putin poodle Tosya dog
Well, yesterday, due to a flurry of Putin news, we got a number of hits on our original Bad Vlad story including one from a visitor who was kind enough to send us a link to a photo of Putin with his poodle. While the photo’s a little grainy, it definitely illustrates the intensity of this special relationship between president and poodle.

We recommend you save a copy on your hard drive in case either the photo or the Scottie News team disappear.

In other Russian Scottish Terrier news, the Monument Art Committee of the Moscow City Duma decided in March 2008 to erect a bronze monument to the famous clown Karandash and his Scottie dog stage partner near the House of Circus Workers Union of Russia, where Karandash (Mikhail Rumyantsev) lived and worked for many years. The committee rejected a proposal to build a statue to Putin.
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  1. Hmmm…it’s not so much that you might disappear, but more like you might die horribly of something that looks like a natural disease, but turns out to be some truly exotic toxin that can only be synthesised inside a cheap, unshielded Eastern European nuclear facility.

  2. You have to hide now! He’s seen the picture, the KGB are coming. If you can get to the American embassy Barney and Bo will protect you. Go now.

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