Scottish Terrier hits high notes

After we featured the howling Scottie videos last week, an opera-loving reader wrote to say that we had missed the ultimate Scottish Terrier singing video starring the late, great and Greek Maria Callas and the Canadian Tenor, Basil.

For an encore, read the comments. Lochness11 warns: “Basil, I told you tenors don’t wag their tails. You’re needing to attend an Elisabeth Schwarzkopf Masterclass. She’ll sort you out. Make no bones about it.”
You can see all the Scottie News‘ selected videos by clicking on the video tag below.

6 thoughts on “Scottish Terrier hits high notes

  1. We are very proud of little Basil. He learned to sing by watching Sesame Street in the morning. We always thought it was adorable, and he seems to enjoy performing. He comes running whenever Opera music is playing.

    Glad you enjoy it!

    Jamie and Tara

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