Scottish terrier refuses to dress up

A letter to Chicago Sun-Times’ dog lady:

Dear Dog Lady: Halloween is my favorite time of year. I even named Spooky, a Scottie, after the holiday although Spooky is not very scary. This is my problem. Each year, I try putting him in a costume and taking him out in the neighborhood but he refuses to wear anything. He howled until I removed the ghost sheet. He hated the pirate’s hat. Last year, I bought an elaborate pumpkin ensemble. He nipped at me when I was zipping it on and barked non-stop until I took it off. How can I train Spooky to be more comfortable in costumes?

Mariellen, Chicago

We like her answer.

Here’s a nice minimalist costume.

And a reminder. The Halloween contest deadline is tonight at midnight. E-mail us your photos or URLs at

One thought on “Scottish terrier refuses to dress up

  1. In answer to the reader’s question about her Scotty’s reluctance to wear a costume, my suggestion is to forget about it. Most Scottish Terriers are very dignified dogs, except when they are around food and they act like fools, so you are better off not even attempting it in order to maintain your Scotty’s self esteem.

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