You ain’t nothin’ but a hound Scottie dog

Here’s our old friend Baily decked out as Elvis for the Los Angeles Scottish Terrier costume parade that took place last Sunday. Alas, Baily was barred from entering the costume contest because his owner, our unofficial Hollywood correspondent, was acting as a judge and in a potential conflict-of-interest situation. He is, however, still eligible for the Scottie News 2007 Halloween contest to be judged by Merg, winner of our last trivia quiz.

With only two weekends to go before Halloween, it’s time to choose a costume if you haven’t done so already. And the video below offers some inspiration. “I think the skunks were a good look,” says our Hollywood judge. “One had an arrow in its head and the other had a hatchet. The winner was an Indian princess, Star. You can’t see her outfit very well but she had the most darling wig. The lady bug and bumble bee were also very cute. Personally I think a Scottie can get away with anything.”

And since it’s the weekend and we got you in the mood, this goes out to all you Elvis fans (and the Canadian content cravers.)

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