Airedale proves great with Scottie children

The owner of the Airedale who stars in this video says that the litter of six scottish terrier pups all love their Uncle Sherman, and like to recreate the beetle scene from The Mummy.

Update: Sherman’s owner e-mails

I have kept two of the litter of six, a brother and sister. They still act just as crazy with their ‘Uncle Sherman.’ Now, the two of them weigh more than the six did at 10 weeks! Sherman still does the roll around game and the two love it! All together we have 4 Scotties and two Airedales, Sherman and his distant cousin, Olivia. Quite a show when they are all out in the yard.


Update II: This dog version of Mister Mom won the cutest Scottish Terrier Puppy prize at the first Annual Scottie News video awards.

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5 thoughts on “Airedale proves great with Scottie children

  1. I would love to hug Sherman and tell him what a GOOD boy he is! My wife and I watched this video a half-dozen times, laughing in delight at that swarming mass of delighted Scottie pups, and that dear Sherman playing so sweetly with them! BEST. PUPPY. VIDEO. *EVER*.

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