Are Scottish Terriers hard to train?

The editor of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News completely understands why terriers have the reputation they do for being hard headed: they deserve it. Before she acquired Bridget just over a year ago, the Scottie News editor had different non-terrier breeds of dogs and she can state authoritatively that they were much easier to train. Yet the editor of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News remains determined and she wants to share some inspiration with other Scottie dog owners who face the same plight.

YouTube has several examples of well-trained Scottish Terriers starting with this anonymous Scot

The ubiquitous Baily can also be seen hula hooping obediently as Riley, an older gentleman, looks on

And then, of course, there are Boone and Kenzie, the most famous of the well-behaved Scotties

Even Spencer, whose owner describes him as “kinda dumb” silly (When Spencer’s owner saw that he was featured here, she changed the headline so we have followed her lead) compared to her other dogs, Mackenzie the Dachshund and April the Boston Terrier, has mastered the “bang” trick”

So, Scottie dog owners, take heart and read these very interesting training tips from Scottish Terrier Rescue of North Alabama. One day, we too will have our dogs up on YouTube.

Or else we can send them off to jail to be trained by hardened criminals.

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