Barney Bush: working dog

Nov 6, 2008 Update: See video of Barney Bush, the first dog biting a Reuters reporter plus the stories about Barney the Scottish Terrier that you’ve never seen before and pictures of young Jackie Kennedy with a Scottie dog.

Update December 2007: The Holiday video is out

Being the White House dog strikes the Scottish Terrier and Dog News as a pretty good gig. You have a huge house and grounds, plenty of staff to spoil you (apart from Karl Rove), access to Air Force One, fame, groupies, you name it.

But don’t anyone think that the presidential Scottish Terriers, Barney and Miss Beazley, don’t have to sing for their supper. A Beltway insider and Scottie dog owner notified us that the White House dogs get to work on their Christmas video as early as November.

Meanwhile, across the pond, another loyal Scottie News reader reports that in the new BBC documentary about the Queen, Barney and Miss Beazley are shown as they get set to meet the monarch. Alas, no relevant excerpts are on YouTube and, while ABC has bought the U.S. rights, the date for airing the show hasn’t been set yet.

Scottie dog, Scottie dog where have you been?

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