Black Dog Syndrome

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An inherent bias against dogs that are black makes it much harder to find them new homes, says the executive director of Cold Lake’s humane society.

Update: Black dog syndrome is worse for the big dogs.

3 thoughts on “Black Dog Syndrome

  1. Yes, it’s true, I worked at a Humane Society for many yeas and there are definitely more black dogs dumped off than light or multi-colored dogs.

    I think that the dark eyes of a black dog don’t contrast as well against dark fur, and it may be harder for inexperienced adopters to connect with the dog’s eyes visually.

    Also, it seems to me that if someone if going to be afraid of dogs, they will have the most fear about a black dog, especially a large one. Go figure… I don’t understand it, never did, but the anti-black-dog bias is really easy to see when you work at a dog pound.

  2. I have “Black Dog Syndrome” myself, that syndrome being that I LOVE black dogs! especially Scotties!

  3. Black dog syndrome? Strange. Black animals have always been my favorite. Have always had a black cat in my house. We have our first black Scottie (actually its my granddog i keep sometimes for my daughter) and she is absolutely adorable. She has a very expressive little face and the neighborhood has fallen in love with her. I also have always loved Black horses the best.

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