Found: Photo of Scottish Terrier with Naked Lady

Those of you who headed over to visit our new site, the Daily Dachshund and Dog News likely noticed that we featured a lot of photos of topless people with Doxies.

Some of you even suggested this was a cheap publicity stunt, which it most certainly was not. In fact, it was just one of those crazy old things. Certainly if we had thought nude photos were the way to attract readers to the Scottish Terrier and Dog News, we would have published them long ago.

In fact, in printing our first Naughty Scottie photo, we are simply complying with the requests of certain readers who were jealous of what they saw going on at the Daily Doxie. And let us tell you, it was no easy task tracking down this photo of a naked woman with a Scottish Terrier by renowned Hungarian illustrator Willy Pogany.

While the topless doxie photos just fell in our proverbial laps, we had to search far and wide to find the nude figure with scottie dog. Perhaps, this is because Doxies originally hail from Deutschland where they think nothing of nude sun bathing at the local park and heading into the co-ed sauna with only the tiniest towel. Certainly, it is hard to imagine that type of behaviour being tolerated in Scotland. Even the scottie in question doesn’t seem to know what to make of it all.

Update: One thing led to another and the Scottie News ended up publishing more photos of topless women with their Scottish Terriers.

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  1. Really! I am a Fine Art Model and I had my Scotti at a many of my shoots. I would be glad to share a wonderful image with you. I have the topless one and a more PG version.

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